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Premises Photography: Garden First Cannabis

During our recent project at Garden First Cannabis in Tangent, OR, The Hood Collective had the privilege of capturing the essence of their latest strains through our professional photography services. Working alongside Hemp Press, we focused on cola and nug photography for Garden First's upcoming strain menu. It was a fantastic experience, highlighting not only the high quality of their flower but also the seamless cooperation between our teams. Garden First Cannabis is producing some truly impressive flower, and we were there to document each step, ensuring their upcoming menu is visually stunning.

The dedication of the Garden First team to excellence is evident in the quality of their cannabis. Our collaboration was smooth and productive, showcasing their commitment to not only cultivating top-tier cannabis but also to working harmoniously with partners to enhance their brand's visual appeal. The resulting photographs are a testament to the beauty and quality of their strains, ready to make a significant impact on their marketing and sales.

Interested in professional cannabis photography to showcase your flower? 

If you're looking for top not cannabis photography, contact The Hood Collective. Our expertise in capturing the beauty of your cannabis can elevate your brand to the next level. Whether it's for strain menus, marketing materials, or online content, we're here to help. Visit our website or contact us at for more information on our services.


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