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Content marketing is an often overlooked aspect of digital marketing, but if you really want to draw more attention to your brand and up your SEO game, high quality, compelling written content is your best bet. But the only way to truly capitalize on writing content is by generating engaging blog posts, web site pages, newsletters, and white papers on a regular basis. That's why more and more cannabis companies are investing in professional content writing that will draw more traffic to their websites and more sign ups for their email lists.

The Hood Collective provides cannabis-focused content writing that will engage your readers and boost your brand presence. Our experienced writing team is intimately familiar with the cannabis industry and regularly generate writing content that makes it easier for your potential customers to connect with your brand. Whatever your objectives, including increased conversions, a larger customer base, or more effective SEO, our writers will help you achieve them.  Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services and see how quality cannabis content can help your growing business (pun 100% intended)!


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Content marketing is defined as the creation and distribution of content that a company's target audience will view as  both valuable and relevant, as a way to attract and retain an engaged customer base that will be more likely to lead to sales. While it is not restricted to written content only, many businesses find that it is much cheaper to produce blogs, newsletters, and white papers as compared with the high cost of video, animation, or photography. In particular in the cannabis industry, regular written content has an advantage in a number of ways, especially when you consider that so many traditional advertising avenues are restricted or completely closed off to us.


One of the biggest advantages of written content is that there is a huge demand, both among the cannabis curious and within the industry itself, for educational content. Federal laws have ensured that there's a dearth of credible scientific studies concerning cannabis, and what there is can easily be misinterpreted (just take the recent news about CBD's possible efficacy against COVID as one example). The fact that so many people inside the industry are still promoting the idea that there's a meaningful difference between Indica and Sativa strains means that any cannabis business that offers their customers vetted, thoroughly researched information about cannabis, CBD, and hemp products will have a major advantage in the current marketplace.

Another excellent return for your investment in cannabis content is a direct boost to your website's SEO. Google and the other search engines love written content, and websites that regular add new pages, blog posts, and other writing will soar up the search rankings. When you work with a professional content writer who has a background in SEO (like all the writers do at The Hood Collective), your website will be the beneficiary of more traffic and more repeat visitors.

Cannabis businesses are faced with stiff competition. The companies that are going to survive and thrive need to have a clear brand voice and quickly communicate their value proposition to their potential customers. Premium written content that offers authoritative cannabis information is one of the best ways to accomplish this.

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Many cannabis business owners are interested in creating regular written content for their website, but they hesitate to get started, either because they don't have the time, or are unsure of what types of content might be most effective. As mentioned previously, the area we predict will see the biggest growth in 2022 will be educational topics. Whether it's distilling science heavy papers into digestible forms, or dispelling some of the most common myths that have built up around cannabis, the possibilities are endless.

Depending on the type of business you are, there's a lot of room for product reviews, strain profiles, and other consumer facing topics. If you're a B2B business, you'll be more likely to focus on industry topics, including regulatory updates, company news, and the like. Just remember, whatever type of content you focus on, it needs to provide value for your readers. One common mistake that companies make is focusing on self promotion, rather than viewing their content from the perspective of their customers.

One other aspect of quality cannabis writing is the ability to help extend your brand image in a positive manner. Rather than promoting yourself, instead focus on the values and issues that are important to you as a company. If you are writing about pertinent issues that will appeal to your customer base, including areas such as social justice, medical cannabis, consumers' rights, wellness, sustainability, and putting an end to the cannabis stigma, then you'll not only attract readers but also reinforce what your business stands for. Likewise, if you are targeting a particular segment, such as cannabis moms or athletes, tailoring your content in this direction will be a natural choice. 

If you're ready to hire a cannabis content writer, The Hood Collective is here to help.


The Hood Collective specializes in producing quality written content that is engaging and gets results. We are experts in Cannabis SEO, Blog Writing, and Copywriting, so whatever your writing needs, we have a solution. Since we exclusively target the cannabis industry, we are experts at helping cannabis businesses navigate the industry and achieve the success they've been dreaming of.

Our professional writing packages are both effective and affordable.

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