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The best way to stand out on social media is with great graphic design. Cannabis businesses face many restrictions when it comes to advertising through traditional channels, with many avenues completely out of bounds. Therefore, social media has become one of the primary ways that business owners and marketing managers can connect with their customers. Whether you are looking for someone to completely take over your social media presence, or just need help with creating eye-popping visuals that support your branding and will increase engagement, professional graphic design for social media is well-worth the investment.

The Hood Collective, from our inception, has focused exclusively on the cannabis industry. We understand the challenges that marketers face when trying to advertise their products, the rules they must adhere to, and the stiff level of competition. Our goal is to support cannabis businesses to achieve their goals via top-notch marketing content and stream-lined posting and engagement techniques that have been thoroughly tested for their effectiveness. With the ability to do photography, motion graphics, 3D design and animation, and carousels, your content will leave your competitors in the dust.



You are determined to make the perfect social media post, first taking a beautiful photo, adding just the right graphics, and then carefully composing the caption that will accompany it. Surely this will generate likes and drive business to your website, not to mention the chances it might go viral.


Time for a reality check: The post you worked on for hours probably got seen by each user for under five seconds as they swiped through their feed. Even posts that are liked or commented on may only be interacted with for under a minute. Your post was just one of the thousands that pop up in your follower's feeds, and even the posts they like will quickly be forgotten. So how can you possibly succeed in this type of social media environment.

It may seem counter intuitive, but the short attention span of social media users means that immaculate graphic design is even more important. To truly stand out, you need everything to be stellar, including the photography, the text, and the branding, but it's professional graphic design that puts all those elements together.

To ramp up your social media results, partner with The Hood Collective.


Your customers are using social media, and so are your competitors. There's no doubt it's important to any comprehensive marketing strategy. Yet, how can you attract the attention of your potential customers, efficiently and affordably. Well let me tell you a secret to social media: it's a brute force problem. This means that more you use social media, the more results you'll see. Successful accounts post often and consistently, respond to comments in a timely manner, and engage with other accounts on a regular basis.

But that doesn't mean that all activity is created equally. Inundating your followers' feeds with boring or poorly designed images will turn customers away. The best way to boost  your engagement is to create the type of professional and engaging content that your audience will respond to. And it helps even more if that content is also dynamic and unique.

At The Hood Collective, we specialize in creating the kind of social media content that the social media platforms you use want to promote, and that your potential customers will respond to. This includes infographics, animated carousels, motion graphics, drone content, and more. We focus on the kind of content that is promoted more heavily by the major platforms, so that your posts will show up more frequently in your followers feeds AND your account will be recommended as a good one to follow. This double-pronged approach is the best way to speed up your growth.


It's time to start winning the social media game with professional graphic design from The Hood Collective. Our professional design team of designers, photographers, and animators will drive the kind of social media growth you've been dreaming of. Whether you want to manage your accounts yourself, or hand them over to us, our premium content creation will make it easy for your brand to stand out.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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