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Very few design elements have the power to attract attention and be remembered like a well made infographic. In the cannabis space, infographics are especially important, because there is so much misinformation and stigma surrounding the plant. Many companies, organizations, and advocacy groups are investing in educational and informative content to help change the public's perception of cannabis. Infographics are a key part of that.

But there's a lot more that goes into cannabis infographic design than just taking some stats and creating a chart. Infographics are often tasked with conveying complex and detailed information in visual form, and so careful planning needs to go into the layout and style of the infographic. Some graphic designers will not do the necessary work to create something truly eye catching, while others will try to fit too much information into a design that ends up being cluttered or confusing to interpret. Professional infographic design must balance all these factors in order to come up with a finished product that is both easy to decode and pleasing to the eye.

At The Hood Collective, our team of graphic designers and 3D animators specialize in creating cannabis infographics that will leave a lasting impression on your audience. We work in both 2D and 3D formats, as well as static images and motion graphics, meaning we're able to create in whatever medium that you need. Combine that professional experience with our passion for the industry, and we'll always go the extra mile for our clients, knowing that our infographics have the ability to educate the public and changes hearts and minds.

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The great thing about infographics is that there is an unlimited number of purposes they can serve. In the cannabis industry, well-crafted graphic design can be used to create charts and graphs that relay complex statistics in an easy to understand way. They can be used to indicate past and future growth patterns, identify trends in cultivation, sales, and consumption of cannabis, emphasize troubling facts with regards to social justice and diversity issues. The goal of cannabis infographics can be to educate, inform, influence, call to action, advocate for, entertain, or anything else you can dream up.

The benefits of professional cannabis infographic design to your business are numerous. First of all, well designed infographics are memorable and grab attention, whether in print form, as posters, in videos, or on social media. Ads that include an interesting infographic will be much more effective than those without. Infographics are also a great way to tell your company story, whether for consumers or investors. We've found that trade show booths that use infographics, either in poster form or animated form, draw significantly more foot traffic, which leads directly to increased sales leads.

The bottom line is that cannabis infographics, when done right, directly boost your brand image by showing your commitment to the industry, educating your consumers, advocating for the cause, or all of the above.


When an infographic is especially well designed, it should look to the viewer that it was easy to accomplish. But the simple elegance is usually a facade, and a great deal of planning went into how to organize the various data and impose a sense of order to it so that readers and viewers can not only make sense of it, but that the information will leave the desired impression. The first key to creating effective infographics therefore is a great deal of preparation and analysis.


Questions you will need to ask yourself include:

  • What is the essential information?

  • What information is trying to be conveyed?

  • What is the desired impact?

  • What's the best way to visualize the data?

  • Can the information be reduced or simplified while still retaining the same meaning and impact?

  • Is the information clearly laid out?

  • Is 2D or 3D the best format?

  • If a chart is called for, what form should that chart take? A pie chart? Bar chart? Timeline? Something new?

  • Is there a call to action?

One common mistake that designers make with infographics is trying to fit the data into a preconceived template, rather than assessing what is the best way to organize this particular data set. A timeline of events should not be arranged on a pie chart, for example. Instead, a good designer allows the information to determine the best way to display it.

The really smart infographic designers do more than just make the information look good. They take their design a step further by ensuring their infographic tells a story. By taking the time to consider what is at the heart of the matter, and thinking beyond just the obvious numbers, a designer can create something that will really resonate with viewers. Data storytelling is about directing your audience through information and helping to lead them to a conclusion. This kind of engaging creativity will ensure that your cannabis infographics have more of an impact.


The Hood Collective puts the same care and attention to detail into designing infographics that you put into growing and selling the best cannabis on the legal market. We've earned the trust of our clients throughout the United States thanks to our passion for the industry. We believe firmly in the need to educate and inform the public about the true nature of the cannabis industry, and that infuses all of the graphic design work we do, including infographics. Whether you need 2D or 3D design, for graphics, posters, videos, pamphlets, or social media, our professional team of designers will make your success our top priority.

Learn why our creative and captivating graphic designers are in such high demand.

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