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Great cannabis branding doesn't happen overnight. The brands that you admire almost certainly spent a great deal of time, and invested a fair amount of cash, to ensure that their brand, including their look, style, voice, and overall aesthetic, resonates with their target audience. One important element of developing a cannabis brand is a professional style guide that outlines not only the fonts, logo, colors, and layout of your brand marketing materials, but how to implement these guidelines in a variety of scenarios. While some cannabis business owners are hesitant because of the upfront cost, compared to how much return of value you'll get from a well executed brand identity, not to mention the money you'll save in the future, the investment quickly becomes worth it.

At The Hood Collective, because of our exclusive focus is the cannabis industry, we understand what it takes to create a successful brand. For cannabis, CBD, and hemp companies that want to stand out in a crowded marketplace, the first step is a professional style guide from The Hood Collective. Take your branding to a higher level with our digital marketing and content creation team .


Above is a recent brand style guide we created for Little House, a cannabis company in Portland, Oregon.


A style guide is a kind of visual document that outlines the specific ways your brand should be presented across all of your marketing channels and platforms, both in digital and print form. This can be a short document, that just covers the most basic elements of your brand. Or it can be quite detailed, and include a language style guide, which establishes the rules and preferences for how to describe your company in written form, on your website and in your marketing copy.


A style guide that has been built correctly will allow everyone working for your company, whether internal personnel or third-party vendors, to quickly and easily understand how to create visuals that represent your company. This allows you to maintain brand consistency across your website, product packaging, newsletters, advertisements, video content, photography, graphic design elements, and more.


When complete, your cannabis style guide will touch upon every aspect of your visual presentation, including the type faces you want used, how much space should be included around your logo, what colors are to be used, and more. The more specific your style guide, the better. And speaking of logos, many of our clients elect to have their logo designed at the same time as their style guide, allowing even greater synergy in the visual presence.


There are many tangible and concrete benefits to having a well-defined and visually appealing style guide for your cannabis farm, dispensary, or product. First of all, it ensures that all of your designers that you might be working with will be on the same page. That means you will have greater consistency in terms of how your brand is presented to the world. With a clear style guide, your packaging design, website, print ads, monthly newsletter and more will all have the same tone and feel, no matter how many different people you might have working on them. Once you have a style guide, every time a customer comes into contact with your brand, they should have the same general impression, and a positive one at that.


Another benefit is that a style guide will save you time in the future. Each time you hire a new designer or bring on a new team member, you'll be able to show them the style guide and they will know exactly what needs to be done when crafting new marketing content for your brand. By investing in style guide at the beginning, your marketing team will also be able to quickly adapt to new platforms and scenarios, based on the work that's already been done.


Ultimately, the greatest reason to invest in a style guide is that it will boost the perceived value of your brand in the mind of your potential customers. Professional visual branding that focuses on style AND substance is how you create loyalty and trust with your current and future customers. It also is the primary way to turn your casual users into people willing evangelize on your behalf and create a demand for your products and services in the cannabis marketing place.


The Hood Collective has one primary goal: do everything we can to ensure our customers succeed. When it comes to branding your cannabis business, you want to capture the essence of your company in a way that resonates. The professional design and branding team at The Hood Collective offers affordable yet high quality services, top-notch visuals, and premium digital content.

Our experienced and dedicated graphic designers and brand experts will always make your satisfaction our top priority.

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