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Blogs may seem like an outdated notion in 2021, but more and more cannabis businesses are learning just how valuable they can be. Original written content on your cannabis website is one of the best ways to attract organic, high-quality web traffic while also bolstering your brand reputation. Of course, even for businesses that understand the value of a well-written and regularly maintained blog, investing the time and/or finding the right writer can be challenging. If you are a cannabis business owner or marketing head that wants to benefit from a cannabis blog, but need help with the actual writing and content generation, you should partner with a digital marketing agency that specializes in compelling written content.

The Hood Collective can help with your content and SEO marketing, especially when it comes to a memorable and effective cannabis blog. We take on the burden of researching not only the blog posts themselves, but also understanding what types of content will perform better in search engines and generate more traffic for your website. Best of all, this kind of written content easily translates to other media, including newsletters, social media, and more. No matter what kind of cannabis business you have, premium written content will help you achieve your marketing goals. The Hood Collective will help you grow your online presence, paying close attention to SEO and social media best practices.



There are a lot of marketing companies out there making promises about SEO. But the truth of the matter is that Search Engine Optimization is not easy, even in the relatively new cannabis industry. Because so many of the traditional advertising channels our off limits to cannabis businesses, organic SEO traffic is a necessary building block in your overall marketing strategy. And in 2021, blog writing is one of the best SEO tools any business has available to them, especially if you want to drive more potential customers to your website.

The Google (and other search engine) algorithm has come a long way in the last two decades. I should know, because my first job out of college was for a very early SEO company, back before Google was even a thing. The strategies we used back then are totally outdated and not only wouldn't work today, but would be considered spam. More and more, search engines have gotten better at analyzing the content of a website and discerning what is legitimately meaningful, and what is just fluff or click bait. Genuine written content on the topic of your website lets Google know what your site is about, what it has to offer, and how to match your your website to people searching for related topics.

Maintaining a successful blog on your business website, no matter the industry, is all about providing value for your customers. If you are just posting and hoping for SEO success, without considering whether it is of actual interest, the search engines are smart enough to figure this out. If on the other hand you are producing genuine, original content that is focused on the narrow set of interests that relate to your company and will benefit your potential customers, then it will directly translate into more web visits and conversions. The minimal expense you invest in written content will easily pay for itself many times over.


While writing a cannabis blog is not rocket science, there are certain best practices that you'll want to follow. The first consideration is the content. As mentioned, make sure that your blog is both original and relevant to your customers, otherwise you'll end up attracting visits from people who likely won't be interested in your products. We recommend starting with a content schedule mapping out the topics you'll be covering at least several months in advance.

A good rule of thumb is to work with your SEO person (if you have one) to create a targeted list of keywords and search terms you want to rank for. A content strategy is best employed across all of your marketing endeavors, leading to what is known as a multiplier effect. If you don't already have an SEO person, either on your team or a third party vendor you work with regularly, you can hire someone to create a keyword map for you that will help guide your topic generation as you move forward with your blog. If you want to rank for the search query "Best Sativa Strains," then you might schedule a blog post entitled, "The Top Five Sativa Strains In 2022."

Once you get started, it's important to continue posting on a regular basis. While it's not important that your posts go up at the exact same time every week, you do want to get new content out consistently. We recommend a once a week approach, though if you're a new business or new website, you may want to start with twice weekly posts to start. A lot of blogs fail because when companies don't see immediate returns, they give up. But successful blogs don't usually come out of the gate fast. There's typically a very slow build until suddenly a spike occurs. We recommend expecting to wait at least six months to see results. It's also important to note a successful blog doesn't necessarily have to be read by a lot of people. As long as it's generating new web visits to your homepage or contact page, it's serving it's purpose.

Another important aspect of your blog is to tie in other types of media. The main image of your post is extremely important, as this is what people will see on social media and in search returns. Including other images throughout the post is also helpful in terms of SEO. And one of the best ways to capitalize on your written content is to pair it with a video on the same topic. SEO video is extremely effective, and even more so when you have written blog posts to go along with it. Once again, it's all about creating a multiplier effect. We go so far as to offer blog-to-video packages that create short videos that have the same title and basic content as your already written blog posts.

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The Hood Collective prioritizes creating blog content that is both compelling and effective at generating traffic and creating an excellent return on your investment. This includes industry-best written work that is wholly original and optimized to perform well with search engines. Best of all, because we are a full service digital marketing agency that specializes in the cannabis industry, we're able  to provide more than just copy writing, but video, photography, graphic design, and drone assets as well. Our team will work with your company's marketing department to tailor an approach that fits your particular needs.

Our blog writers are knowledgeable and passionate about the cannabis industry. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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