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If you want your digital and print ads to stand out in the crowded cannabis marketplace, you need to hire a professional graphic designer. Many business owners and dispensaries, in the desire to get the word out about their product and services, will prioritize the reach of a particular publication or digital platform, figuring it's better to maximize exposure. Unfortunately, for companies with a tight marketing budget, they often rely on ad graphics they designed themself or hired out at a bargain price. This is a mistake, because in our experience, a poorly designed ad, if seen by a lot of people, can do more harm than good, especially when you're competing against cannabis businesses that have invested heavily in top-notch branding.

The Hood Collective offers premium ad design services at a price point you can afford. Because we focus exclusively on the cannabis industry, we don't need to waste time trying to understand your product or services. We know how to stay away from the standard cannabis stereotypes, and will do our best to apply an original and fresh aesthetic your marketing that also manages to capture the power of your brand.


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As a cannabis business, you are likely limited in the ways and places you can market your products and services. Even in states with lax cannabis advertising rules, you still must deal with the fact that cannabis is still banned at the federal level, and so many social media sites and advertising platforms won't run cannabis, or even hemp and CBD, ads. This forces you and all of your competitors to advertise in the same cannabis magazines and websites, meaning it's that much harder to stand out.

There's a lot that goes into effective ad design that many people don't realize. In addition to just making sure your ad looks professional, a designer will take the time to research the market and the publication where your ad will appear, to make sure that your ad will stand out. It's important to remember that every photo, graphic design, social media post, and pamphlet that has your company name on it is a representation of your brand. If you are putting out sub-par designs, your customers will take note, and gravitate to cannabis companies that appear more attractive. A professional designer knows this, and they will take great care to craft every single element of your ad, in the same way that you put great care into crafting great cannabis or creating the perfect dispensary experience.

Most of your cannabis advertisements will be located in one of three places: online websites, print publications, or billboards. Another reason to partner with a professional graphic designer is that each one of these platforms has different requirements and entails different elements to be effective. For instance, an ad that looks great on a billboard will almost certainly look extremely strange in one corner of a magazine page.  Additionally, working with a team like The Hood Collective that also handles premium product and lifestyle photography means that you can combine photography and design to create ads that are even more spectacular.

Finally, it's tempting for many businesses to allow the magazine or website on which they are going to advertise to design their ad for them. They figure they must be professionals, if they are designing ads for so many different cannabis businesses. But while this might save you some money, it's a terrible way to ensure your ad is going to be noticed. Just think about it. Your ad will be designed by the same person that designed multiple other ads appearing throughout the magazine or website. Plus, they design so many ads in a day, they don't give any particular one the attention it deserves. Hiring a professional graphic design company that specializes in cannabis helps to ensure your ad is the one that will be noticed, and for all the right reasons.

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There are certain main ingredients that you need to consider to ensure that you marketing campaign is a success. First of all, before you start paying to run ads, develop a comprehensive marketing strategy. This includes identifying who your target audience is, and how best to reach them, whether it's via print advertising, digital advertising, social media, or some combination of the above. After all, the best designed ads in the world won't help very much if you're not running them in a place where your potential customers will see them.

Once you have a plan in place, you need to hire the right graphic designer. This doesn't just mean partnering with the designer that has the best portfolio, but finding the person or agency that matches your style and brand aesthetic. Make sure that you can see your style in the previous work that they've done, or that provides inspiration for what you hope your brand could be. It's also good to check their references and make sure that their work style matches yours. Finally, you want to work with a designer who is responsive and good at communicating. This will ensure the process goes smoothly and you get the most for your money.


Finally, remember that any ad campaign should always be approached as a work in progress. If all you do is run some ads and wait for the foot traffic to show up at your dispensary, you'll likely miss out on a lot of the potential for your marketing. This is why marketing analytics is so important. This is obviously easier with a digital ad where you can count the actual clicks and conversions that result. For print and billboard ads, you might need to be more creative. Try giving a discount for anyone who shows the ad or mentions the billboard, and see how many customers take you up on your offer. Whatever you do, it's critical that you keep track of what's working and what isn't, and adapt accordingly.

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The Hood Collective, a graphic design agency focused exclusively on the cannabis industry, has one priority: ensure the success of our clients. Our team of talented graphic designers will tailor their designs to match the demands of your brand. We strive to be as easy as possible to work with, and will guide you through the entire ad creation process so that you get the results your looking for. All at a price point you can afford.

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