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It's been a tough year plus for cannabis events, thanks to the pandemic, but we're expecting cannabis events to come back strong in 2022. And if you're the organizer of a cannabis event, you need to get the most out of your investment with professional cannabis event videography. Using video to capture your cannabis event will mean that you can reach more people,  extend the length of your event, and create an audience across state borders. And when it comes time to marketing next year's event, there's nothing like high quality, professional video content to show people what they can expect. To ensure you have the best video content the weed industry has to offer, partner with a video production team that comfortable covering cannabis events of all sizes.

The Hood Collective is an event videography and photography company that focuses exclusively on the cannabis industry. We have a talented team of professional camera operators, sound recordists, and lighting experts that are familiar with the cannabis industry and has covered numerous events in legal cannabis states. Our video experts are extremely passionate about the cannabis industry, and we always do our utmost to make sure your event is a rousing success. The moment you hire us, you'll rest easy knowing that you're event is being covered by the best video production team in the business.

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It goes without saying that any kind of event has a limited time span. When promoting an event, there will be a several month period of promotion, as you try and attract as many attendees as possible. After the event, you may make a few thank you announcements or round up posts, but once the doors close, that's basically it as far as leveraging that event. Unless you have professional videography that will ensure you event lives on. Video content of your cannabis event is perfect for sharing on your website and social media, and in future marketing materials. With professionally shot and recorded high-definition video, people all over the world can experience your event as if they were there thanks to the crisp audio and visuals.


Professional video is especially useful for recording keynote speakers and seminars. In fact, by recording all of your speakers, you'll be able to further monetize your content indefinitely, by charging a subscription fee or one time charge to access all of the videos. Try asking for money if those videos are recorded on an iPhone (spoiler alert: you can't!). The fact is that the best way to extend the life of your event and maximize your investment is with professionally audio and video recordings. This kind of valuable content will allow you to expand your audience, bolster your brand image, and grow the reputation and reach of your event.

But the value of event videography isn't restricted just to organizers. Professional video also makes a lot of sense for sponsors and speakers, especially from well-respected cannabis conferences, seminars, conventions, or trade shows. By documenting your involvement, you're able to more effectively leverage your association with the event. You might even want to partner with the event organizers to share professional video and photography content and defray the costs involved. On the other hand, it would be a mistake to just assume that they event will let you use their video content for your own purposes. They may not have hired a professional, or if they did, they may require all content to include their watermark or be hosted on their site and social media. This is why a lot of speakers and sponsors bring their own videographer.


There are a number of key ingredients that go into creating professional event video. When you hire a video production team, one of the things you want to look for is a company that knows how to prepare properly. You'll need to work with them to ensure that everything is in place at the right time. That's how you ensure you get not only the correct visuals, but that the audio is top notch as well. A reputable video production company will handle as much of the preparation as possible, to make your job easier, but they will need help from your side as well to make sure everything runs smoothly. Before selecting a cannabis video production company, make sure that you are comfortable with the level of communication they are offering and what kind of preparation they will do, including a walk through prior to the event.

Another important factor when selecting a video production team is the quality of gear they provide. I've heard horror stories from event organizers who hired what they thought were professionals only to see them setting up iPads or iPhones instead of professional video cameras as their event started. You'll want to confirm beforehand what type of cameras they will be using and you'll need to let them know what your requirements are in terms of elements such as picture quality (1080p vs 4K). But one often overlooked element that may be the most crucial element of successful video is the audio quality. Ask your team how they will be recording sound and what the various options are.

Finally, when hiring a videography team, finding professionals who are familiar with the cannabis industry is invaluable. You can prep your camerapeople thoroughly, but there's nothing like experience and knowledge of the faces involved to ensure that you have the camera pointed at the right place at the right time. As our understanding of the industry has grown, that's allowed us to recognize the leaders and activists who are worthy of camera time, and that allows you to concentrate on other things realizing that we will get the coverage of your event that you need.


At The Hood Collective, our event videography staff is made up of reliable, experienced professionals who are passionate about the cannabis industry. Take a look at our YouTube channel to see all of the big name cannabis events we've covered. When you hire us, we'll handle all the necessary preparation and details leading up to, during, and even after the event, so that everything comes off without a hitch. Best of all, we also have a team of professional event photographers. By hiring us as a team, you'll save money and maximize your coverage. The bottom line is our camera people, audio people, and editors have the knowledge, equipment, and proven track record to work with you through the entire event videography process.


The types of cannabis events we have experience covering include:

  • Cannabis Seminars

  • Cannabis Conferences

  • Cannabis Trade Shows

  • Company Parties

  • Cannabis Award Ceremonies

  • Cannabis Conventions

  • Cannabis Workshops

  • Dispensary Openings

  • Cannabis Product Launches

  • Cannabis Press Conferences

  • Cannabis Sporting Events

Our friendly, talented event videographers and photographers are passionate about the cannabis industry and helping our customers succeed.

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