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Pictures are worth a thousand words (but words are good too!). Our professional graphic design and branding services help cannabis companies create stylish and eye-catching visuals that complement their brand story. From logo design and style guides to social media content and brochure layout, we'll make sure every element of your marketing materials are top notch.


For many cannabis businesses, such as growers and producers of edibles, tinctures, pre-rolls, and other retail products, the main point of contact between their brand and the consumer is their package. If a customer likes how the product is presented, they will be much more likely to make a purchase. That's why packaging design maybe one of the most important elements of your entire business, if not the most important. The Hood Collective specializes in taking cannabis businesses through the entire packaging design process, from ideation to printing.

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When we're talking about your company's logo, this is the identifying mark that your customers will association with your brand indefinitely. This is definitely not an area that can be overlooked or trusted to a graphic designer that is inexperienced. Logo design is a complex process that should take into account your brand's identity, values, and aesthetic. When you choose The Hood Collective for your logo design, you can be sure we'll consider all of your requirements very carefully and then work with you to create a series of marks that will be both memorable and compelling.

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If you want your content to stand out, great images are no longer sufficient. Animation and motion graphics are increasingly popular ways to grab attention and boost engagement, whether we're talking about social media, your website, or mobile. At The Hood Collective, we believe in always being at the cutting edge when it comes to marketing your brand, and professional motion graphics is the latest area of emphasis for marketing professionals. We specialize in animated logos, dynamic signatures, animated carousels, and infographics. Our motion graphics packages are great for any company that wants to step up their marketing game.

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For cannabis companies, social media offers an essential method for connecting with customers and promoting your brand, especially when you consider that many traditional marketing channels, such as Google Ad Words and Facebook Promotions are closed to us. Even CBD and hemp companies are finding that they aren't able to advertise by traditional means. The best part about social media is that not only is it often the only means of cannabis companies to market themselves, especially at a national level, but it's free. That means you can focus your investment on creating outstanding content that's specifically designed to perform well on social media.

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A good rule of thumb to remember for cannabis businesses is that every single piece of content with your name or logo on it represents your brand. That means before something goes out to the public or ends up on your website, you need to very carefully consider what message it is sending and whether it lives up to the high standards you expect. With The Hood Collective, you can be sure to be proud of every piece of marketing collateral we design on your company's behalf. We are experts at designing print quality graphics for cannabis pamphlets, leaflets, t-shirts, business cards, lighters, mugs, hats, postcards, and more.

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