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For event organizers and speakers in the cannabis industry, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a huge bummer (and that's an understatement). Countless events around the country were cancelled in 2020, and I know a number that were unable to make a comeback in 2021. While we can hope 2022 will be different, the reality is that the pandemic has fundamentally altered the way we gather, do business, and connect, and that's likely to impact events, conferences, conventions, and seminars into the future. But as in person events decline in popularity, live streaming is becoming a favored alternative that allows brands and companies to connect with costumers while creating video content that can be reused in the future.

The Hood Collective offers event video and photography services exclusively for the cannabis industry, including a full range of professional live streaming services. Our team of camera operators, sound recordists, and lighting experts have covered numerous events in legal cannabis states, and we specializing in creating live and recorded broadcasts that allow you to reach your audience in real time through your website, Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more.

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When you decide you want to take your cannabis event live to the people, there are a number of logistics that must be dealt with to ensure your broadcast is a success. Rather than try to handle everything yourself, you need to work with a team that is experienced working with live events and has a proven track record of reliability. You can't afford for anything to go wrong, like the sound to cut out unexpectedly or the feed to become choppy because the venue's wireless network can't handle all the bandwidth.

We've heard plenty of horror stories in our day, such as camera operators that didn't even realize that their feed wasn't going out to the audience, or microphone batteries dying mid speech. Our live streaming team is fully committed to providing reliable services that are fully backed up with multiple cameras and microphones so there's not one point of failure that could ruin the entire broadcast. Best of all, we're deeply knowledgeable with regards to the cannabis industry, and so we understand the special requirements and restrictions that must be dealt with.

Events that have both in person and remote viewing options tend to be extra complicated. Not only do you need to ensure that your audience in the room can clearly hear your speakers throughout the event space, but you also need to capture that sound for live streaming purposes. Every camera needs to be watched at all times, to capture speakers as they move around the stage, and prevent interruptions to the feed. If the venue isn't properly lit, you'll also need professional lighting gear. Plus, you'll likely want to record the program as it's happening while also streaming it to your viewers at home. Trying to coordinate all of the various technical hurdles is a huge challenge that is best managed by a professional team well versed in handling large scale events.


The first thing people think about when they decide they want to live stream their cannabis event is what camera they are going to use. While it's true that every smart phone has the ability to record and stream high definition video with the push of a button, you likely don't want your customers to have to watch (and try to listen to!) shaky cell phone footage. To truly capture your content in a professional light, you need specialized cameras that are able to record for unlimited periods of time. Moreover, you'll need a  broadcaster that can convert the video signal from your camera into a format that's suitable for your preferred social media channels. Just these two pieces of equipment alone will run you thousands of dollars, which is why you need to work with a company that can provide all the necessary gear for you.

As important as the video is, I've actually seen successful, high level events that used iPhones or small digital recorders. But what these cheaper cameras can't do is capture clear audio. Professional sound equipment is probably even more important for your cannabis live stream than what camera you use. One common mistake that amateur live streamers make is using their microphone to broadcast the sound from speakers in the room. This set up will result in very distorted audio for the people listening at home. Proper live streaming should plug into the sound board directly. If this isn't possible (many smaller events won't have a sound board) then the speakers should be talking directly into microphones that are wired into the live stream.

Another element of a proper live stream set up is professional lighting equipment. While some venues will have stage lighting or spotlights, most corporate spaces lack the kind of lights that will look good on video. Make sure that if you need lights, your live streaming company will be able to bring them. And finally, no element of a live broadcast is more important than having adequate internet speed. At large events, the venue's WiFi will already be strapped because of all the guests on hand. If you aren't able to plug in via ethernet, you need another option. At The Hood Collective, we have special equipment that creates a dedicated cellular signal that can be used pretty much anywhere you are in the world.

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The Hood Collective features a full live streaming team that is experienced working with cannabis events of all sizes. We'll be able to broadcast your event to a world-wide audience in real time, while also recording in high definition so you can repurpose the content for future marketing and or monetize it online.  When you hire us, we're able to manage all of the necessary logistics leading up to, during, and following the event, so you can worry about ensuring your guests, sponsors, speakers, and at-home audience have the best experience possible. We also have a team of professional event photographers and videographers that can move throughout the event and capture additional highlights.


The types of cannabis events we have experience covering include:

  • Cannabis Seminars

  • Cannabis Conferences

  • Cannabis Trade Shows

  • Company Parties

  • Cannabis Award Ceremonies

  • Cannabis Conventions

  • Cannabis Workshops

  • Cannabis Product Launches

  • Dispensary Openings

  • Cannabis Press Conferences

  • Cannabis Sporting Events

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