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Your Cannabis Is A Work Of Art.
We Treat It That Way.

We've been to a lot of cannabis grows. It's one of the perks of the job! Every place we visit, we hear some variation of, "We're growing the best weed in the state." And the truth is, most people are growing amazing cannabis. The problem is, there's too much amazing cannabis for markets that are artificially constrained by state lines. So you may be growing, or processing, or retailing some of the most amazing products, but not enough people know about it.

That's why we started The Hood Collective. You're artists. You grow beautiful plants and create cutting edge cannabis, CBD, and hemp products. We're artists too. And our job is to make sure the cannabis lovers of the world get to enjoy the amazing works of art being produced by people just like you. Let's create something great together.


The Hood Collective was founded in 2017 with the goal of providing agency level marketing and content creation services for the cannabis industry, without the agency price tag. We bring together the best and most talented creatives in the areas of photography, video production, graphic design, drone, social media, and cannabis branding, meaning that we're able to work with clients equally effective on either a project or retainer basis. Best of all, we can scale our services to match the growth of our clients. And because this is the cannabis industry, our clients are growing fast.

Our core leadership team combines 20+ years of experience in marketing, branding, and cannabis. Our exclusive focus on cannabis means that we recognize and understand the unique challenges posed by the industry, as well as the tremendous opportunities that are currently available to those who seize them. With offices in both the Midwest (Chicago) and the Pacific Northwest (Oregon) our goal is to bridge the gap between legacy growers and a skeptical public to together create a thriving industry based around shared core principals, including science and social justice.

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"We're really just a group of artists who share a true passion for the cannabis industry."
-Decater Collins
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Decater Collins The Hood Collective Cannabis Marketer.jpg
Decater Collins
Founder   +   CEO

 Lead Curator

Doc Nectar Full SMALLER_edited.jpg

Doc is especially fascinated with the science of cannabis, and working diligently to amplify voices and document the fast growing body of research.

He’s also produced and directed a number of short documentaries and films, including two series for the XRay TV platform (Fair Use and The Party). He's passionate about the environment, and continues to work on video projects that highlight environmental concerns in the Pacific Northwest, with partners such as Portland Audubon and the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon.


In his spare time, he’s normally at the beck and call of his rescue beagle, Sir Francis Bacon.

Marketing     +     Writing     +     Photography     +     Video


Big picture forecaster, marketing guru, adherent to the bottom line, beagle owner.

After more than a decade spent in corporate PR, working with clients such as GM, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Research, Doc finally decided it was time to follow his passion. He has spent the last 8 years in the world of video and online marketing, focusing on content creation, social media strategy, and branding. In 2017, he co-founded The Hood Collective, and has focused exclusively on the cannabis industry ever since.


Artem Ponomarev Cannabis Branding And Graphic Design.png
Artem Ponomarev
Founder   +   Art Director

 Lead Artist


When people meet me, the first thing they typically think is: “Oh no, how do I pronounce his name?”

It’s Artem.
Artem Ponomarev.

Artem approaches his photography and design as a way to express how he sees the world. Whether documenting the industry's biggest events and gatherings, or helping clients express their vision and style through a fully realized brand identity, he hopes our work at The Hood Collective can play at least a small role in helping to end the stigma associated with cannabis.


Artem currently lives with his family in beautiful New Hampshire.

Branding    +    Graphic Design    +    Animation    +    Photogaphy


Creative force, animation genius, branding and style expert, Bojack Horseman enthusiast.

While proudly serving in the US Marine Corps, Artem discovered his love of photography and graphic design, which led him to earn a degree in 2D and 3D animation at Portland State University. When he and Doc set out to establish a video production/marketing firm, he was immediately drawn to the unlimited potential of the cannabis industry. Artem has lent his talents to fulfilling the brand ambitions of clients around the country, including Fiat, Ariix, Fully Baked, and more.

Artem Family Bio Pic.png
Rebecca Partington Cannabis Marketing Expert.jpg
Rebecca Partington
Digital Strategist

Client Manager

Rebecca Partington Cannabis Marketing Midwest USA.jpg

Rebecca dove headfirst into cannabis marketing for the Massachusetts market and has been captivated with the industry since.

She spends her free time filming content for local animal shelters and advocating with local organizations for complete Cannabis legalization in the Bluegrass State.  

Currently residing in Lexington, KY, she’s happy to send content of her street cat and rescue pup living it up in horse country to brighten your day.

Social     +     Writing     +     Engagement     +     Rapid Response


Social Media Savant, Animal Lover, Cannabis Enthusiast.

Meet Rebecca, our new Digital Engagement Strategist! With a knack for creative storytelling, she’s always ahead of the curve with viral trends, social strategy, and engaging content. After graduating from the University of Kentucky with a degree in Digital and Mass Media Communication, Rebecca knew she wanted to put her passion for social media to good use and focus on digital advocacy.


Rebecca Partington Cannabis Marketing Specialist.jpg
Kendall Munson Photo Social Media Expert.jpg
Kendall Munson
Social Media Specialist

Client Manager

Writing     +     Analytics     +     Research     +     Results


Technology Enthusiast, Social Media Adept, Deadline Manager, Wanderer.


Kendall spent several years working with federal agencies on electronic and communications systems. There he gained an appreciation for the assembly of parts and people to accomplish the previously unimaginable, while also learning technical & functional approaches to problem solving. Following his service, Kendall returned to his home state of Oregon, where he has furthered his knowledge in programming, web development, and professional communication.


Kendall Cannabis Expert Hood Collective.jpg

Kendall vehemently enjoys arguing cannabis prohibition & stigmatization, most often playing the Devil's Lettuce Advocate.

Kendall finds that interaction with the public is an invaluable method of anticipating problems as well as gathering data. Also, he believes that taking a wider view often leads to the discovery of novel solutions lying just out of frame. Kendall has adopted this wider approach to his personal experiences as well, enjoying cultural immersion and interdisciplinary exploration.


Kendall enjoys loitering in locales exotic & domestic, but never longer than welcome.

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