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One of the most popular forms of cannabis photography is what's known as macro photography. This is a method of capturing super sharp, close up shots that in the most extreme cases look like they were shot through a microscope. In the cannabis industry, macro photography is especially prevalent for capturing cannabis flowers both before and after harvesting. If you've seen the extreme close up shots where you can actually see the trichomes of the cannabis plant, this was accomplished with macro photography, and in order to create these images successfully, you need to partner with a professional photographer who specializes in macro shots.

The Hood Collective team of photography specialists has a proven track record of creating top notch cannabis images that highlight the colors and details of the cannabis plant, in all its beauty. Because we focus exclusively on the cannabis industry, we have perfected the art of photographing cannabis, and we have the professional cameras and lenses necessary, as well as the experience and editing technique to ensure that our macro photography always looks its best. If you want your cannabis products to stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace, consider partnering with The Hood Collective for your macro photography needs.


Cannabis Macro Photography Crystals.jpg

Macro photography is defined as the documenting of small subjects from very close. Typical examples include extreme close ups of insects, flowers, leaves, and more. With the right gear, it's possible to take macro photos pretty much anywhere, although for professional purposes it's usually best to shoot in a studio space where you have full control of factors such as wind, light, and moisture. From a technical perspective, macro photography usually means that the magnification is at least life size, if not even larger. Of course, in the real world, we don't need to worry about the technical definitions, but rather execute on the vision of our clients.

In the world of cannabis, macro photography is most often associated with close up images of the cannabis flower. In a grow environment, whether indoors or outdoors, macro photography would usually be used to create shots that depict the crystals on the plant. It is these crystals that makes cannabis sticky to the touch, but they are not normally visible to the naked eye unless you look especially close. At the extreme end, there's a strain (pun intended) of cannabis macro photography known as trichome photography, that uses so much magnification that the individual crystals become distinct trichomes. This type of photography is most often captured with the use of a special magnifying glass connected to a camera.

Macro photography is a specific category of photography, and not every photographer is experienced in what it takes to capture high quality close up images. We use special macro lenses designed specifically for this purpose. But it also requires the right lighting and stabilization gear, because sometimes the camera is so close to the subject that it will cast shadows if not set up properly. And while macro photography is not always used for standard product photography, we often employ the same lenses to get your audience extremely high resolution, close up views of your cannabis products.


While even amateur photographers are able to take amazing photos thanks to the technology of the latest smart phones and DSLR cameras, you won't be able to take true macro photographers with out the right gear. Macro photographers usually travel with multiple lenses, specifically because the size of the lens directly corresponds to the final results, and different sized subjects will require different sized lenses. Of course, the correct lighting gear is just as important. When shooting in grow rooms, there's often the horrible HPS lighting that casts yellow or purple hues across everything. If it's not possible to turn those lights off, then the photographer will need powerful enough lights to block out the awful color effects.

Of course, the best place to shoot macro photography is in a studio setting. Cannabis farms and grow rooms tend to be extremely windy, and it's unlikely that you can block out the background, two crucial elements to create premium macro photography. In a studio, the photographer can stage the subject exactly how they want, whether it's a trimmed flower or an entire cannabis plant. The less movement of the plant and camera, the sharper the final photograph will be, which is another one of the most important considerations in close up photography. It's also much easier to get just the right lighting in the studio.

No matter where you decide to shoot your cannabis macro photographer, it's essential that you work with a professional. Capturing extremely close up shots takes a great deal of experience, and if your photographer doesn't have the right gear, or has never worked with cannabis before, you're likely to be disappointed with the final results.


Our team of professional macro photographers have deep experience with both close up photography of all kinds, and specifically in the cannabis industry. We love the challenge of showcasing beautiful cannabis flower and products in the best possible light. Best of all, our affordable prices and fast and convenient process makes working with us one of the easiest, and best decisions, you'll ever make. Our number one commitment is always to the satisfaction of our cannabis clientele.

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