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The best way to move product is with great packaging. That's as true in the cannabis industry as it is in any other. But what makes for good packaging? That's an essential question that any retailer needs to ask themselves before they start slapping labels on a box. A lot of careful planning and design goes into coming up with eye-catching packaging that is both aesthetically appealing and meets all legal and logistical requirements. It takes a special kind of graphic designer to do the job well.

At The Hood Collective, we specialize exclusively in the cannabis industry, so we understand the particular demands on cannabis businesses to meet all state and local regulations, especially with regards to how cannabis products are packaged and labeled. So we know what it takes to create appealing packaging that incorporates all of your company's branding elements.


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In the cannabis industry, the vast majority of purchasing decisions are made in a dispensary as consumers choose from a range of products stacked closely together on a shelf or behind a glass window. Unless your product is being actively testified for by budtenders across the state, the single most important factor that will influence purchasing decisions is what your product looks like. That means the color, shape, form, and font of your package. It would be great if you could give a free sample of your wonderful flower to each and every consumer, but the reality is most people make an impulse buying decision based on whatever product catches their eye.

This is why packaging design is so important.

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Whether you're a cultivator, distributor, dispensary, or wholesaler, you want your products to be taken seriously on the market. That's where packaging design comes into play. The first step in reaching your goal is to start with thorough market research to understand what kind of branding is already doing well, and figuring out how to distinguish your products in a crowded cannabis marketplace. Work with your designer to come up with a number of possible options and narrow down the look until you get it exactly right. There are very few design decisions you'll have to make that will directly impact your bottom line as much as packaging design.

Of course, it's imperative that the designer and your compliance officer work closely during this process to ensure that your finished packages meet all relevant guidelines. You also want your designer to be flexible and responsive, as many times new rules come out with very little notice, forcing you to make swift changes. This can be annoying, but it's the reality of the cannabis industry. Work with a designer who understands this and can adapt accordingly.

Cannabis Packaging Design
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Our priority is simple: do whatever we can to make sure our clients succeed. When it comes to cannabis packaging, this means creating distinctive designs that elevate a client's brand while showcasing what makes them unique. Your branding, whether it's your website design or your packaging, is an extension of your company, and is charged with communicating to the consumer why they should choose your product.

Our professional, experienced team of graphic designers are adept at creating impactful visuals that are both compliant and attractive.

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