With two talented photographers on our team, we can provide eye-catching visuals for your website, social media channels, and marketing collateral. We offer Premises, Product, Event, and Model Photography.

When your brand offers consumer facing products, it's imperative that you create marketing materials that showcase them at their absolute best. That's where professional cannabis photography comes in. Whether it's smokeables, edibles, topicals, beverages, or smoking accessories, including vape pens, jewelry, glass, pottery, rolling papers, and storage containers, eye-catching photos with proper lighting and color will allow you to connect with more potential customers.

The Hood Collective specializes in creating content that will look great on your website, social media, printed brochures, magazine spreads, or billboards.

Cannabis Event Photography

As a full-service event photography team, we provide event organizers an easy and reliable way to document their gathering, no matter what the size or scope. We've got experience handling all types of events, from multi-day conferences and conventions to intimate talks and seminars, and everything in between. Whether you have a cannabis awards ceremony, store opening, company party, or another occasion, you can be sure we'll capture every meaningful moment so you can leverage your investment in future marketing campaigns.

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Cannabis Product Photography

Our product photography team is made of professional photographers that are both creative and detail-oriented. Our number one goal is to showcase your cannabis product and packaging in the best possible light. Whether you want the standard studio shoots on a white background, or stellar location shots that highlight some of your areas beautiful landscapes in the background (with your cannabis products in the foreground!), our team can guide you through the entire product photography process with no fuss. Our job is to make your products look great.

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Cannabis Social Media Photography

Because cannabis companies are prevented from utilizing many traditional marketing channels, including Google Ad Words, succeeding on social media is critical. The best way to stand out on Instagram and Facebook is with captivating visuals, and that's why your cannabis business needs to partner with a professional social media team like The Hood Collective. Our photographers and graphic designers will work with you to create eye-catching plant content that will boost your presence and increase your followers and engagement.

Cannabis Premises Photography

There's an often overlooked challenge when photographing indoor cannabis grow facilities, and that's the lighting. Indoor cannabis is typically grown under intense LED or HPS lights, which just simply aren't conducive to crisp, clean photography. That's why so many cannabis feeds on social media are tinted yellow or are shot in the dark with a harsh flash. Our professional premises photography will ensure your facilities always look sharp.

Cannabis Farm Photography

Sun-grown cannabis offers many advantages, and the best way to convey those advantages is with professional farm photography that highlights everything that's special about your location. The Hood Collective offers affordable photography packages that include drone photography that will really let your farm pop on your website, marketing materials, social media, and more. Highlight your property, facilities, team, and more of all, your plants.

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Cannabis Model Photography

Many cannabis businesses find that when they want to take their branding to the next level, it's time to start working with models. Cannabis model photography is a great way to showcase your products and flower, and create a unique style that potential customers will begin to identify with your company. Working with professional (or even amateur) models and partnering with influencers that are well known in the cannabis community means you need to top-notch photography.