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The Hood Collective started in 2017 in Portland, Oregon, with a focus on Oregon's growing cannabis market. Our goal was to provide premium photography, videography, and graphic design services for small- to medium-sized businesses at an affordable price point. Thus began a wild roller coaster ride as we navigated the constantly changing Oregon marketplace, which was beset by product gluts, constant rules changes, and ever-increasing competition. Oh, and then a global pandemic hit in early 2020.

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We've managed to survive the worst of it, and learn along the way. We've built valuable relationships with cannabis growers, advocates, patients, retailers, thought leaders, and more, and have a much better understanding of their pain points and what their biggest needs are. Now, with offices in both New England and the Pacific Northwest, we've expanded beyond the Portland market to service clients throughout the United States.

The following is a list of states where we currently operate, with more coming on line all the time. Our goal is to serve legal cannabis businesses wherever they are located, by offering the best digital marketing and content creation services in the industry. Our current packages cover graphic design, social media management, photography, video production, drone, web design, and branding.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

States where we operate:

Don't see your state or city listed? Get in touch anyway. We're willing to go wherever our legal customers are operating.

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