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If you're organizing a cannabis event, one of the best ways to ensure you are getting the most out of your investment is with professional cannabis event photography. Whether it's a small gathering of investors or stakeholders, or an international conference with attendees from all over the world, capturing the event with a seasoned cannabis photographer will allow you to document the event, create buzz, share highlights on social media, and market future events. And working with a veteran of the weed industry ensures that they are familiar with the thought leaders and business innovators you most won't want to capture and will result in the types of photographs that best reflect the value of the event.

The Hood Collective has been focused exclusively on the cannabis industry since our inception. Our team of pro photographers understands the plant, and can speak fluently on its benefits and the opportunities offered by the industry's continued expansion. Most importantly, we love working in the industry, and getting to know the people and products that are transforming cannabis at a national level. That kind of passion means that our photographs not only meet your expectations for quality, but are likely to be that much more impactful with your intended audience.



Without photographs and videos to document your cannabis event, it will not last beyond the event itself. Professional event photography allows you to create valuable marketing assets for your website, social media, and future marketing materials. If, on the other hand, you were to rely on amateur photos from your phone or DSLR, you won't be guaranteed to capture all of the essential highlights and the low quality may actually turn people off your brand and future events. A professional cannabis photographer will not only produce high quality photos that properly represent your company, but will also know how to be at the right place at the right time.


Professional photography is also a great way to build your relationship with your keynote speakers and special guests, who will truly appreciate the premium photos showcasing their participation. You can't put a dollar amount on this kind of added value, as it boosts the reputation and memorability of your most important asset, your brand.  The bottom line is that evidence shows that an eye-catching memorable image makes it easier for your audience to retain the key messages you are getting across and ensures your cannabis has a longer lasting, more extensive impact and reach.

Event photography isn't just for organizers. If you are sponsoring or speaking at a cannabis trade show, seminar, conference, convention, or other gathering, it's a good idea to bring along your own photographer to document your involvement and maximize your sponsorship or appearance. Don't rely on the event itself to get great photos, as even if they do, they may be unwilling to share them without the event logo or watermark attached.


If you've decided to invest in an event photographer, there's an important thing that you must keep in mind if you want to get the best possible photos. No matter how great your photographer, they can't get the event photos you want if they aren't in the right place at the right time. Event photographers are generally very good at anticipating where they need to be (and cannabis event photographers will have additional insights specific to the cannabis industry) but no one is perfect.

That's why communicating with your event photographer beforehand is as important as possible. They word being: beforehand. I've been to plenty of events where the organizer or marketing head tell me they'll text me when I need to be someplace. They rarely give me advance notice, and with so many other things to worry about, they lose track of time and forget to let me know what they want until it's too late. I do my best to guess where I need to be, but this is a recipe for disappointment for everyone involved.

Instead, a smart event planner will communicate clearly with the event photographer before the event. Not only will they provide a clear schedule highlighting what shots are most important, but they will also go over who the key people are (such as sponsors, speakers, or target customers) that they want me to get a lot of coverage of. This allows me not only to plan my schedule clearly so I don't miss anything, but also allows me to keep an out for unplanned moments that the organizers will appreciate me documenting.


At The Hood Collective, our event photography team is made up of experienced professionals who are 100% reliable. We will always do our best to elegantly capture your cannabis event and provide you with sharp, high-resolution images that document all of the important moments. Once you hire us, we'll handle all the details you may not remember, or even be aware of, like ensuring your have release forms when necessary. Our photographers have the expertise, equipment, and proven track record to work with you through the entire event photography process.


The types of cannabis events we have experience covering include:

  • Cannabis Seminars

  • Cannabis Conferences

  • Cannabis Trade Shows

  • Company Parties

  • Cannabis Award Ceremonies

  • Cannabis Conventions

  • Cannabis Workshops

  • Dispensary Openings

  • Cannabis Product Launches

  • Cannabis Press Conferences

  • Cannabis Sporting Events

Our friendly, talented event photographers are passionate about the cannabis industry and helping our customers succeed.

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