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Starting a dispensary brand involves a great deal of work. Whether you're in a state where cannabis has been legal for several years, or in one of the locations where cannabis is just coming online, there are numerous regulatory and legal hurdles that you must deal with, in addition to all of the normal obstacles facing any new retail business.  But if you want your new dispensary to be a success, establishing a clear brand identity and being able to connect with the cannabis consumers and the cannabis curious in your city or town is vitally important. The best way to establish your retail location and increase foot traffic is with a strong dispensary brand that  will quickly earn the trust of your potential customers and communicate to them that you are a clean, modern, attentive, and friendly dispensary.

When it comes to cannabis branding, The Hood Collective offers comprehensive and affordable packages that make it easy to establish a clear brand identity before you even open your doors or make your first sale. You've got enough on your plate already, what with securing a license, carrying out your renovations, finding a banking partner that will handle cannabis clients, and more. As a full service marketing agency that caters exclusively to the cannabis industry, The Hood Collective can handle the full branding, logo design, and web design in a timely fashion so that's one less thing you'll have to worry about.


The cannabis industry is extremely competitive. Depending on the state you're in, you may have dozens or even hundreds of dispensaries in your city or municipality. Our Portland office is near what is known as the Green Mile, a stretch on Sandy Avenue that features a dispensary pretty much at every block. In order to find success in such an environment, a dispensary needs to clearly announce their value proposition to their potential customers, giving them a reason to choose them instead of one of their nearby competitors. The easiest way to accomplish this is with premium cannabis branding.

But what do we even mean by branding? According to the American Marketing Association, branding is:

"A name, term, design, symbol or any other feature that identifies one seller’s goods or service as distinct from those of other sellers."


The key to branding is that it makes your products and services distinct from your competitors. We like to say that your brand is the equivalent of the face of your company that is viewed by your customers. If you have a memorable face, people will be more likely to recognize you in the market. If you have a friendly face, you'll be more welcoming. Of course, a mean, unfriendly, or downright ugly face will not bode well for your business.

In practical terms, the elements that most people associate with dispensary branding are your logo, your company colors, the typefaces you regularly use, and your signs and labels. Think about it. The reality is that most dispensaries look more or less the same. Some might be more modern than others. The best dispensaries are bright and open, while I've certainly seen my fair share of dark, cramp weed sellers, but the same basic principles apply. You have a bunch of cannabis products lined up on shelves and behind glass windows. And each one of those products has its own branding, for the farm, processor, or distributor where they originated. Unless you are 100% vertically integrated, your dispensary probably has a lot of the same products as the dispensary next door.

Ultimately, your branding is what allows your potential customers to distinguish your dispensary from any of the dozens of others they might choose to shop at instead. Ideally, you want your brand style to convey to your customers what your values are and what they can expect to experience when they enter your store. Professional branding can convey whatever you want. Perhaps you value a modern aesthetic with clean, healthy weed that is clearly labelled based on the effects. Maybe you offer a warm, friendly atmosphere with excellent, responsive customer service. Whatever you want to convey to your customers, a strong brand can accomplish it.

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There are a lot of different tasks that you need to consider when branding your dispensary, everything from initial logo design to what your bags and swag are going to look like. Unfortunately, with so many things to worry about, a lot of dispensary owners that fail to prioritize the branding elements, beyond the initial logo. They often launch without a website or any sort of cohesive brand identity, leading to a very haphazard approach to their branding which makes gaining recognition in the marketplace difficult. This is where The Hood Collective can help.

Our Dispensary Branding Package offers dispensary owners fully customized branding service that covers all of the major aspects of your dispensary's public facing brand. We'll handle all of the details and navigate you through the entire branding process, from the initial ideation stage to the final deliverables. And unlike the majority of discount graphic design companies, our process is 100% responsive to your needs and desires. Before we begin to design your logo or website, we'll take the time to not only understand your company's values, goals, and desired identity, but we'll research your competitors and area trends, to make sure that your dispensary is immediately recognizable and creates a positive connection with your target customers.

Our Dispensary Branding Package includes the following:

  • Logo Design (including full discovery process)

  • Style Guide (covering brand fonts, colors, secondary elements, and more)

  • Web Site (Wix Platform, with Home Page, Blog, and 4 additional pages)

  • Label Templates (For in store price and strain labels, etc)

  • Business Card Template

  • Hat and T-Shirt Design (with Logo and Wordmark)

  • Social Media Avatar and Banner

We also offer optional add-ons including dispensary photography, team photos, local SEO blast, digital display templates, and drone photography and video, and more.


The Hood Collective offers professional, fully customizable branding services for the legal cannabis industry. Because we market exclusively to the cannabis industry, we are in a unique position to provide modern, compelling brand design that is free from cliches and doesn't really on outmoded stereotypes. Our team is committed to providing effective, affordable branding services that will make it easier for your dispensary to make a splash right out of the gate, with professional graphic design, photography, video, and drone content. Best of all, by purchasing a full branding package, you'll save both time and money, while ensuring that your overall brand identity is consistent and effective.

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