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In the increasingly competitive cannabis and hemp markets, growers and farmers who want to stand out and promote their brand need professional cannabis farm photography. Whether your goal is to grow your customer base, attract investment, or to eventually sell your operations for healthy profit, you need professional photos of your farm, facilities, team, and product. These photos will help your website, social media, and marketing materials really pop, and give your customers a better idea of the beautiful location where their cannabis and hemp was grown.

The Hood Collective is a cannabis marketing agency with a focus on top-notch photography. Because our company operates exclusively in the cannabis industry, our experienced and talented photographers really know the plant. This means that our photography is able to better capture the hard work and passion of cannabis growers, highlight their expertise, and overcome some of the many challenges posed by indoor and mixed light grow environments that would stump newcomers. To get the most value out of your photography assets, partner with The Hood Collective.



The truth is that people want to feel connected with the products they choose to purchase. This is especially true of consumables that they put into their body, whether it's the food they heat, the CBD they ingest, or the cannabis they smoke. You've worked extremely hard to produce healthy, clean, ethically grown cannabis that you can be proud of and you want to convey the passion (not to mention the blood, sweat, and tears) you've expended to ensure they have the best tasting and smelling cannabis possible. The best way to communicate that to your potential customers is with premium photography that resonates.


We believe that every task is best left to the experts. You don't leave your seed genetics or grow cycles to amateurs who looked up what they needed to know online. Your operations are run by a team of expert growers and farmers who have made a lifetime to commitment to the cannabis industry. In the same way, your photography should be produced by passionate photographers who are not only in love with creating one-of-a-kind images, but are also devoted to supporting cannabis growers. That's the best way to ensure you have crystal clear farm photos that tell your brand story effectively and compellingly.

While other farms are relying on stock photography and iPhone pictures, you'll have magazine quality images that showcase you, your facilities, and your team at their best. Displaying professional, well-executed photography on your website and social media lets your customers know they can trust that you are growing the top-shelf cannabis and CBD they expect. Make sure that your plants, flower, joints, and everything else you produce on your farm look absolutely stunning with professional photography and graphic design, including unparalleled aerial imagery from fully licensed drone pilots.


There's a lot that goes into great cannabis photography. There's the camera and lenses, the proper lighting, and the familiarity with the subject matter. But most of all, it's the experience to execute on a client's visions and produce photography the fully matches their expectations. Nothing else matters as much as the craft involved (is growing cannabis any different?). That's why you could be handed the most expensive camera and lighting gear in the world and end up with just so-so images while a professional photographer could take your old iPhone and create some amazing photos no one would believe had been shot on a phone.

That's why the secret to great photography is hiring a professional photographer. High quality photos will easily pay for themselves, as you'll be able to use them in multiple different ways, including for your website, social media accounts, promotional materials and brochures, strain guides, and more. At the end of the day, better photography will lead to increased sales, and that's the bottom line that really matters.

When investing in professional photography, have a clear idea of what your objectives are, what you need captured, and where the images will be displayed. Do you need beautiful landscape shots of your farm and facilities to host on your website or show to investors? Are you looking for close up macro photography that is professionally lit and makes it easier to sell your flower to dispensaries? How about some stunning drone imagery of your farm from a perspective you've never seen before and will immediately capture your audience's attention. Or do you want general use photos that showcase your farm and flower and tell the story of how much care goes into what you do for your social media channels? With professional photography from The Hood Collective, all this is possible and more.


At The Hood Collective, our event photography team consists of reliable and talented professionals who specialize in cannabis farm photography. We are firmly committed to helping our customers succeed with magazine quality images you'll be proud of. When you hire us, you can rest easy knowing that we'll do everything we can to make sure you are fully satisfied with the results. We stake our reputation on it. Our photography team has the expertise, equipment, and proven track record to work with you through the entire farm photography process.

Best of all, our talented photographers are willing to travel wherever necessary to capture your cannabis or hemp farm. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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