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Great marketing starts with great branding. But what constitutes a brand, and and how does a company go about creating a unique and successful brand identity, in particular in a budding (pun intended) industry like cannabis? Your brand is your reputation. It is the result of each and every interaction you have with your customers or potential audience. It’s the feeling a person gets when they see your logo or notice your product on the shelf. It's the lasting impression they walk away with. A brand is all that and more, so your company can't afford to leave your brand identity to chance.

At The Hood Collective, our exclusive focus is the cannabis industry. This means we understand what it takes for a cannabis brand to stand out in the crowded state marketplace, as well as what CBD and hemp companies need to do to succeed nationally. Take your branding to the next level with a professional digital marketing and content creation team that puts the needs of its clients first.



One of the most valuable things a company can do is engage in a strategic branding campaign that helps it stand out in the marketplace. This is especially true for cannabis companies. With a new industry that's populated by businesses that are unfamiliar to the vast majority of consumers, and that's being flooded by investment dollars, a strong brand identity is one of the most critical differentiators your business can have.

The goal with any branding strategy is to ensure your customers recognize your products on the dispensary shelf. When a cannabis company engages in a successful branding campaign, it not only generates more sales revenue, but bolsters the overall value of their business. There is nothing more valuable to investors than knowing that a company has name and product recognition from the general public.

To build a brand that resonates with customers, take a strategic approach in partnership with a professional digital marketing team that understands the cannabis industry.


One of the most important keys to establishing a new brand is to be different, while at the same time maintaining authenticity. You want your company to stand out, but be true to its core values. As you set out on a branding strategy, staying focused on these central ideas and figuring out how to communicate that through the style and design of your logo, packaging, website, and marketing materials is essential.

Successful brands tend to spend a lot of time researching the market and their competitors before settling on a brand identity. They will also invest heavily in learning about their potential customer base. The more you know about your customers and competitors, the better able you will be able to differentiate yourself  and your products while engaging customers in a memorable and positive manner.

Understanding who you are as a company and how you want to be portrayed in the marketplace allows you to create well-thought out marketing campaigns that communicate your central values. When your customers understand what you stand for, it's easier to connect with those who identify with those same values. For instance, a cannabis company based around all-natural growing techniques on a sun-grown organic farm with regenerative principles is very different from an indoor grow that utilizes the latest scientific techniques for growing clean, potent cannabis that is highly energy efficient. Both sound appealing, but they may not sound appealing to the same customer base.

Questions of branding and marketing can be challenging for many cannabis growers, especially those who care most about growing the best possible product and who'd rather not spend their time talking about social media metrics and printer requirements. That's why smart cannabis brands choose to partner with a digital marketing team that really understands the industry.

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The Hood Collective has only one goal: help our customers succeed. When it comes to branding your cannabis company, you want to capture the essence of your business in a way that resonates with the marketplace. The professional design and branding team at The Hood Collective is an affordable option for any business that wants top-notch visuals and digital content.

Our experienced and dedicated graphic designers, animators, and videographers make your satisfaction our top priority. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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