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Cannabis is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States today. That means if you want to succeed in the increasingly crowded marketplace, you need to partner with a team of marketing professionals that both understands the agency and excels at creating eye-catching, compelling content that will resonate with your target audience. As the industry matures, more states legalize cannabis, and the amount of outside investment grows, the best thing any business can do in such an environment is craft a unique, identifiable brand.

The Hood Collective, a full-service content marketing agency, focuses exclusively on the cannabis industry. As such, we have a deep familiarity with the many obstacles that cannabis businesses face. If you're looking for professional, engaging graphic design, photography, or video content, we have a team that can deliver.


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You likely understand how important marketing is, but the prospect of partnering with a cannabis marketing company might be daunting. Complicating matters is that professional marketing agencies might do a lot of different things, depending on what their specialties are. But as a general rule, businesses turn to a marketing agency when they want help either with the creation of specific marketing materials in support of their overall marketing plan, or they want to fully hand over their marketing to an outside company and let them handle everything. 

The term content marketing in particular refers to a strain of marketing the revolves around the creation of print or digital materials that either directly or indirectly promote a company or brand.  Examples include, but are not limited to videos, blog posts, and social media content. When you partner with a marketing company, their job will be to either generate ideas for this content, create the content, or in some cases, both. It's also important to remember that every piece of material that bears your name, whether it's your website, your product packaging, your social media posts, or even the bag people are carrying out of your dispensary, represents your brand. You should maintain the same rigorous commitment to detail to everything your company produces lest it reflect poorly on you.

So what are some of the ways that a marketing company can help you? Here is a list of the different services that can be provided by a professional marketing agency:

  • Logo Design

  • Company Style Guide

  • Packaging Design

  • Product Photography

  • Web Design

  • Copy Writing

  • Blog Writing

  • Video Production

  • Customer Testimonials

  • Event Photography

  • Event Videography

  • Drone Photography

  • Drone Videography

  • Ad Design

  • Pamphlet And Flier Design

  • Banner Design

  • Company Branding

  • Social Media Management

  • Social Media Graphic Design

That's a lot of services that a marketing agency might provide, and it's not even complete. Obviously, not every company will excel at each of these areas, and many cannabis marketing agencies specialize in one or two types of services, so it's important that you do your homework and make sure your potential partner is able to handle exactly what you need at a high level.

Also of note, cannabis businesses will do well to work with an agency that is experienced in cannabis, even if it's not their only area of focus. Cannabis, as you surely know, is a unique industry that poses many challenges that don't impact any other industry, including legal restrictions and social stigma. Plus, it's easy for those who are new to the industry to follow a bunch of cliches or stereotypes that more experienced veterans know to avoid.


In order to stand out in the crowded cannabis marketplace, businesses of all sizes need to turn to professional marketing content. Not only will a professional understand the most effective ways for you to engage with your target audience, but they will have the expertise to create the kind of content that will be memorable. They will also look for ways to extend the value of your content, meaning that a poster your creating to display in dispensaries can also be repurposed for social media, or the talk your sponsoring at a local event will also make a great video for sharing on your website.

If you've been handling your marketing content yourself, or there have been several people involved with no clear overarching strategy, your customers will notice an immediate difference when you hire a professional. It will also save you time and money. It might be hard to believe, but a professional graphic designer, photographer, or videographer is likely going to lower your costs in the long run, because they will be able to efficiently and adeptly execute on your vision, while at the same time increasing your ROI. That's a win-win!


As I already mentioned, if your marketing content looks cheap or unprofessional, this is a direct reflection on your brand. People will associate you with the worst work that you present them, as unfair as that may seem. With that in mind, you really can't afford to wait any longer. It's time to partner with a professional marketing company that specializes in the cannabis industry. Take your marketing to the next level and grow your business in the process.


The Hood Collective was founded on one ideal: helping cannabis businesses grow. We do this by supporting our clients in making the best possible marketing content, whether it's graphic design, photography, video, or drone. We also place a high priority on customer service, and will diligently assist you through every step of the design process, from concept creation to delivery, allowing you to focus on what's most important to you: your business success.

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