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Plenty of studies have shown how valuable testimonials can be to a business. This is especially true in the cannabis industry, where word of mouth is vital when considering the fact so many traditional marketing channels are closed off to us. A professional video testimonial is one of the best ways you can let your potential customers know that you have a proven track record of satisfaction. High-definition video testimonials are inexpensive to produce and can be used to burnish your brand on your company website, your social media, your newsletter and email campaigns, and at trade show booths. 

The Hood Collective is a premium video production company that provides professional but affordable testimonial video solutions for cannabis brands around the country. Our full service production team will guide you through every step of the video process, from  ideation and planning to on set production to complete post production. Grow your customer base and reach a bigger audience with professional testimonials from The Hood Collective.


Why do so many companies feature video testimonials on their website? Because they work. One recent study found that customers are likely to spend 31% more on products and services that have received highly positive reviews. Are you a B2B business? Well consider the fact that 92% of respondents indicated they would be more likely to make a purchase after seeing a trusted review. These are just two examples from the ample research that shows consumers want to have their buying decision positively affirmed prior to a purchase. That's where the power of video testimonials come into play.


Obviously it's important to encourage positive reviews on third-party sites like Yelp and Google My Business. But what is written and whether the reviews are positive or negative is outside of your control. That's why more and more businesses, especially in the cannabis industry, are turning to video reviews. By soliciting reviews from customers you know are happy with your cannabis products and/or services, you can ensure not only that your future customers will see highly positive, well produced testimonials on your website, you may even be able to convince them to make a purchase before going to a review site. This is extremely beneficial even if you have a great reputation already. Why? Because if they leave your website to look at reviews, they may get distracted by reviews for your competitors and never come back.

There are plenty of other benefits as well. Positive testimonials that are prominently featured on your website, social media, and more will give you a warmer brand image and help solidify a positive connection between you and your customers. Even regular purchasers will feel vindicated in their buying choices and be more likely to continue their relationship with your products and services. Testimonials also make a low cost investment that offer a lot of return, as they can be easily integrated into pretty much your entire digital marketing strategy, creating extra value beyond the one video. Finally, video testimonials are great content for your cannabis website and will provide an immediate boost to your SEO.


Before you start recording testimonials, there are a few important considerations you'll need to make. The first is determining which customers you want to include and how to approach them. Obviously, you'll want to limit your choices to customers that you are certain will provide a glowing assessment of your cannabis products. You also want to choose customers or clients that will be willing to take the time to be recorded on video. One strategy a lot of our clients use is to also use the video testimonial as an opportunity to create a promo video for their own business at the same time (this obviously only applies to B2B businesses). Whatever you do, don't pay your customers or bribe them with free product. Your viewers will be able to sense if there's something inauthentic about their review. While it's certainly okay to offer a discount or some sort of preferred treatment in exchange for their time, never make it seem like your paying for a positive testimonial.

Next, you'll need to decide where you will film the testimonials. If cost is an important consideration, we recommend filming multiple testimonials in one day in a single location (probably on your farm or in your dispensary or office). This will greatly reduce the cost of the entire production. However, if you have the budget, even better is going to your customer and filming at their business or home. This will lend more authority to the testimonial, as well as more variety.


It's also extremely important that the testimonials seem natural. You absolutely do not want your customers to be reading from a script. You also don't want to overly coach their responses, but let them speak in their own words. In our experience, we've found that customers that are speaking from their heart will often sound even more positive than whatever you came up with for them, and the best part is that it will normally be obvious that they really mean it. Working with an experienced production team should make this a breeze, as they will have experience working with non-professionals who may not be comfortable speaking on camera.


Finally, don't be over aggressive in asking for a review. Some people just have an innate fear of speaking in front of an audience. In other cases, perhaps your customer is hesitating because they don't love your products as much as you thought. Trying to coerce them into giving a review they don't want to will only serve to push them away, and even if they end up agreeing, the review probably won't be as enthusiastic as if you asked someone else.

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The Hood Collective is a full service video production team that specializes exclusively in the cannabis industry. We understand the power of a good testimonial, and we do our best in everything we do to inspire positive reviews from our own clients. That makes us the best team to produce your testimonial videos. We offer flexible and affordable video testimonial packages and will deliver high quality reviews that you'll be proud to display on your website and social media.

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