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Your Cannabis Is A Work Of Art.
We treat it that way.
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The Hood Collective is a full-service cannabis marketing agency offering expert branding, web design, and advertising services with an emphasis on creativity and storytelling.


We know that there's a tremendous art to growing great cannabis, and we bring that same passion and commitment to our marketing services. Rather than working with multiple marketing vendors, you receive top shelf graphic design, photography, and video, while at the same time getting help with big picture campaign strategy, as well as technical guidance with everything from SEO to copywriting.

Best of all, when you purchase one of our packages, you'll save both time and money, which is critical for businesses in the cannabis industry, whether you're a farm, dispensary, processor, or B2B service provider.

Our team has tremendous experience working in the cannabis space, meaning that we can offer our clients great flexibility when creating a package that perfectly matches their needs.

Dispensary Branding

Our dispensary packages include full-service marketing from an experienced team that has years of experience serving the legal cannabis industry, and has successfully worked with dozens of leading cannabis businesses around the country. Save time and money by getting all of your graphic design and web design needs in one affordable package.


For your dispensary to grab attention, you need a quality logo, color palette, style elements, and more. It's critical that you maintain a consistent brand identity at every customer touch point, whether its your shelves, your signs, your website, your social media, or your product bags.

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Product Branding

Our product packages are structured to make sure that your cannabis products stand out on the shelves, with the best in logo design, packaging design, product photography, and more, all at a competitive price point. Avoid the Frankenstein approach to retail marketing by branding your products all at once.

Logo Design

A modern, eye-catching logo that conveys what your brand stands for essential in today's competitive cannabis industry. Sure, you can get a logo for fifty bucks, but then you'll be stuck with a fifty-dollar logo as the face of your brand.

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Farm Branding

Whether you are an indoor or outdoor grow, our farm branding packages provide all the assets you need to ensure your cannabis stands out and that the values and passion of your operation are communicated clearly to your customers. Our fully customizable packages include a website, logo, product and premises photography, and swag, all at a fantastic price.

Logo Design

Make sure your current and future customers see you as a professional, established brand. While it's too often an afterthought, coming up with your logo may be the most important branding decision you make. This is not the place to try and save money.

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