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The best way to improve your company branding is with a great logo. In the cannabis industry, a lot of legacy growers and people jumping in to make a quick buck don't put a lot of thought into their logo, or they don't have the money to hire a professional graphic designer. This means that many logos, the single most identifiable aspect of a company's brand, come off as amateur or unappealing. But it's never too late to do a brand refresh. If you're unhappy with your logo, no matter how long you've been attached to it, make the change now. Likewise, for new cannabis companies looking to make a splash, start off by hiring a graphic design professional to ensure that you enter the market looking your best.

At The Hood Collective, we focus exclusively on the cannabis industry. This means we know all the best practices when it comes to cannabis logo design, not to mention many of the clichés you'll want to avoid. We make the entire process, from discovery to delivery, easy to navigate and are collaborative and responsive at every step. Our number one focus is on creating memorable cannabis logos that our client's will be happy with for years to come. We even specialize in creating animated logos and motion graphics.



It may be obvious to some, but it's amazing how many companies don't realize the important function played by their logo. This simple icon will tell customers an entire story about the kind of business you are, the quality of products and services that you offer, and the commitment you have to your customers. It may seem unfair that so much can be assumed by a single image, but the truth is that your logo, even more than your name, is the first thing people will picture when thinking about your company. Companies that have a strongly identifiable mark have a huge advantage, while companies with an unprofessional, poorly rendered logo will find it difficult to overcome the negative first impression they leave with potential customers.

With a strategic edge and a touch of creativity, we design logos that are as unique and powerful as the cannabis brands they represent.

For a strategic edge, begin your cannabis branding with a professionally-designed logo.

Little House Cannabis Logo Design Mockup.png

The first thing a company needs to do when creating a new logo is to establish its brand identity. The logo is one part of that, but other factors that can influence the design of the logo include color and font, as well as the general aesthetic you are aiming for. Just as importantly, you need to figure out what values you want your brand to represent in the marketplace. A scientifically advanced company would want a very different logo from a company wishing to convey an eco-friendly vibe.

You'll also need to conduct extensive market research to learn what the logos of competing companies look like. Remember, you want to stand out rather than blend in. You also want to avoid your logo seeming trite or old-fashioned, so you'll want to work with your design team to strike out in a new direction. Other important considerations include whether and how your company name should be incorporated into the logo design, and whether you want a logo that is illustrated or more graphic based. Finally, you want to maintain flexibility, and have the designer create several options, from full logo to simple logo icons so your logo can be adapted to every use scenario.

Cultiva Design2.gif

We have only one goal when it comes to logo design: create a memorable design that our clients love. When it comes to your cannabis logo, you want a design that is unique, represents who you are as a company, and can stand the test of time. Our professional design team at The Hood Collective will consult with you through every step of the design process to ensure that the finished product is even better than what you'd envisioned.

Our experienced team of dedicated graphic designers have the attention to detail and creative vision that your logo requires. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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