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Professional cannabis product photography is a must-have to showcase your brand’s consumer-facing products, whether we're talking flower, smokeables, edibles, sublinguals, topicals, concentrates, tinctures, and more. Product photography also encompasses cannabis lifestyle brands, allowing you to create product branding that evokes a particular mood or style. This is a perfect option for CBD beauty and skincare products, cannabis apparel and merchandise, glass, pottery, jewelry, vape pens, and might even include model photography featuring your product.

The Hood Collective is focused exclusively on the cannabis industry, and our team of photographers are familiar with the unique challenges posed by cannabis products. Our art directors also understand the latest trends and popular styles in cannabis photography, meaning we can help you craft a brand image that's both unique and recognizable. With the industry growing at a rapid pace and new companies popping up everyday, premium cannabis product photography has never been more important.


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One of the best ways to highlight your products and create a memorable brand is with professional photography. Not only will it attract more eyeballs, increase your engagement on social media, and even improve your website's SEO, but most importantly, it will literally put more money in your pocket. That's because high-quality images will directly lead to increased sales, whether you are selling online, relying on paid ads, or showcasing your products on third-party marketplace apps, such as Leafly. At the same time, sub-par photography is the best way to turn your customers away.


The first time you work with an experienced photographer that has their own studio for crystal clear, optimally lit macro photography with pro lenses, you'll immediately recognize the difference. You'll receive high-definition, perfectly staged photographs that will showcase your products in the best light. Product photography can also take your products outside the studio and place them in a variety of scenarios, via the use of models, scenic landscapes, urban playgrounds, or whatever setting best captures the essence of your brand. 

The bottom line is that photography is one of the clearest ways you communicate your brand style, aesthetics, and values to your customers.


There's a lot that goes into making exquisite looking product photography of magazine quality. While many people will point to the cameras being used, the actual camera isn't as important as the person using it. The single greatest photography resource you can invest your money in is to hire a professional photographer who's specifically skilled in product photography. Along those same lines, when selecting a photographer or marketing studio to work with, find one who's style matches your brand aesthetic. For example, if your company produces stylized products for fashion conscious consumers, you don't want to hire a photographer who specializes in landscape photos.

Another crucial element of professional product photography is having a studio or dedicated location in which to do the staging and lighting. Some amateurs will try and get away with buying a cheap light box from Amazon, but the difference will be obvious when placed next to a professionally lit and staged photograph. You've invested so much time, money, and perhaps even your blood and sweat in creating the best possible photographs. So when it comes time to document those products in order to show them off to your potential customers, why would you try and cut corners now?

Investing in professional product photography is perhaps the most important thing you can do as part of your overall marketing strategy. And there's no better way to be sure of getting the best possible imagery than by partnering with a professional and trusted marketing agency that specializes in cannabis photography.


Our product photography team consists of professional photographers who are both creative and detail-oriented. Our primary objective is always to showcase your cannabis product and packaging in the best possible light. Whether you want standard studio shots on a white background, or stellar location photos that highlight some of your area's beautiful landscapes in the background (with your cannabis products in the foreground!), our team has the expertise, equipment, and track record to work with you through the entire product photography process.


We have one goal and one goal only: make your products look their best! Our professional, experienced team of graphic designers are adept at creating impactful visuals that are both effective and attractive.

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