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We predict that educational content will be one of the biggest growth areas in the cannabis space over the next five years. This is because there is a huge demand for informative videos, white papers, and infographics among cannabis consumers and the cannabis curious. After so many decades of misinformation and stigmatization of cannabis culture, not to mention the prohibition against research on the possible health benefits of consuming cannabis and CBD, it's hard to know what to believe when it comes to cannabis. That means there's a tremendous opportunity for brands to create valuable educational content that can serve a real need.

The Hood Collective is a full service video production and photography company that has a proven history of creating informative and educational content that is professional and effective at communicating with a cannabis audience. Our team of video experts handles the filming, sound recording, and lighting so that your content will not only attract more viewers, but also lend your brand an aura of authority and commitment to the industry. Our founders are extremely passionate about the cannabis industry and doing everything they can to produce quality educational content that is trusted and reliable. We make professional video production affordable for small and medium sized businesses in the cannabis industry.

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The need to educate consumers is not unique to the cannabis industry. Many companies, especially in fields that may be less familiar to the general public, devote much of their marketing activity to informing the general public what it is their industry does and how it solves a pain point for people. Cannabis is no different, but because of the history of the black market, there's a significant barrier that has prevented even people most knowledgeable about the plant from sharing information and conducting thorough research.


Because of the dearth of information, many people who might otherwise be open to considering cannabis, such as those suffering from certain medical diseases or conditions, shy away from the possibility. Obviously, if you are a cannabis business who wants to expand your potential consumer base, reaching these individuals should be among your top priorities. Creating educational content that helps answer their questions and assuage their concerns is one of the most effective ways to establish your brand and create customer loyalty.

Educational content can take many forms. It can be video Q&A's that address the most common questions. They can be product tutorials, that help people unfamiliar with cannabis consumption to learn about the various methods and pick which one is best for them. They might be cannabis strain guides or summaries of the latest medical research into the potential benefits of CBD. Of course, not all educational content needs to be in video form. Essays, infographics, charts, and written brochures are also effective ways at communicating complicated information to a general audience. The most important thing you should do before setting out on an educational campaign is to identify who your audience is, and what's the best way to convey the information you want to share.


It's certainly true that you don't need a professional production team to create video content today. All you need is an iPhone and a tripod. Ultimately, the most important element of your educational campaign is the content. If what you are sharing is valuable to people, you'll get views whether you're shooting in a Hollywood studio or while holding your phone in line at a Starbucks. But, for cannabis companies that want to establish their brand as trustworthy and high-end, sloppy video recording will definitely undercut that brand message.

Moreover, one of the most obvious hallmarks of amateur video is the poor audio quality. iPhones and the like are able to capture hi-definition video that might be indistinguishable from a blockbuster film, but the sound recording on these devices is atrocious. I'd go so far as to say that audio quality is more important than the image, because if your audience can't understand what you're saying, there's no reason to keep watching. A professional video production team will have multiple options when it comes to audio, including shotgun mics, wireless lapel mics, and more.

In that same vein, professional lighting is a necessary ingredient of a well-made educational video. The harsh overhead lighting of most office settings does not suit high quality video. You could invest in prosumer LED lighting that would really make your production look great, but knowing that you might only use these lights a few times makes it difficult to commit to such an investment. Professional videographers will have a pro lighting kit that is versatile and able to work in a number of different filming scenarios.

Other aspects of production that can be accomplished with a competent team include teleprompters, motion graphics and titles, animated infographics, and more. The bottom line is that if you want your brand to be taken seriously, you need to invest in professional video production for your educational content rather than attempt to do everything yourself.


At The Hood Collective, our video production team consists of reliable, experienced professionals who are passionate about the cannabis plant. If you check out our YouTube channel you'll find a wide array of educational content, from web series with cannabis educators Zoe Sigman and Emma Chasen, and our interview series Why Cannabis?


When you hire us, we'll handle all of the necessary pre-production, including script writing, shot planning, set design, and more. Our number one goal is to create valuable content that will yield a high return on your investment, and that starts with careful planning and preparation. You'll find that working with The Hood Collective is convenient, pain-free, and fun. Our friendly, talented videographers do everything they can to help our customers succeed.


Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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