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If you want your cannabis brand to be noticed on social media (for the right reasons) you need professional photos of your products, team, and facilities. While it's certainly true that everyone with a smartphone has a powerful camera at their disposal, that doesn't mean you'll get pro-level photos that get people excited about your cannabis. In fact, in our experience, you can give the most expensive camera in the world to an amateur, and you'll end up with amateurish looking photos. Meanwhile, you can hand a professional photographer a cheap disposable camera and the results will be magical. And magic is exactly what you want for your social media.

The Hood Collective understands the power of social media. It's an incredible tool for drawing positive and relevant attention to your brand, and converting the cannabis curious into loyal customers. Social media allows you to create a meaningful connection with your followers, and high quality photography is at the center of it all. By partnering with The Hood Collective for your social media photography needs, you'll ensure your presence on social media is more engaging and yields a greater return on your investment.


For most cannabis businesses, Instagram is their primary social media platform. For certain companies, Facebook and/or LinkedIn will play a more fundamental role. But no matter where you are investing your time on social, there are two kinds of content that are much more likely to draw attention in the cannabis space. Number one is flower photography. Sharp, colorful photos of your cannabis flower, either still on the plant, or after it's been dried, will almost always be among your most popular posts at the end of the year. And the only way to ensure that your cannabis products look their best is with professional macro photography.


Whether you're trying to showcase the cleanliness, efficiency, or natural bounty of your growing process, or highlight a brand new strain, the sharper and more magnified the photos can be, the better. In particular, trichome photography, where you see the individual crystals blown up to remarkable size, is extremely popular at the moment. And while some growers get away with blurry photos from the cellphone, lousy social media photos and graphics are a great way to turn off your potential customers before they even try your products or set foot in your dispensary.

The second type of post that outperforms other content is photographs featuring people. Studies show that users are much more likely to stop and look at or interact with posts that show one or more faces. But once again, not all content is created equal, and if you really want to maximize your engagement, you'd be wise to partner with a cannabis model or lifestyle photographer that matches your particular brand aesthetic.

To boost your performance on social media, partner with The Hood Collective.


If you're a cannabis business, whether a farm, indoor grower, processor, dispensary, event organizer, or product manufacturer, your best bet is to hire a marketing agency that specializes in the cannabis industry. If you deal with an agency that's unfamiliar with the industry, no matter how sterling their reputation, it's likely one of two things will happen. Either the results will rely on outdated cliches and not be very innovative. Or they will turn to a third party that does understand cannabis, and you'll end up paying a premium when you could of gone straight to the experts in the first place.

But even within the cannabis space, there is a tremendous diversity in the kinds of photographers you can choose from. Make sure that the specialties of the photographer or agency you choose line up with your needs and style. Product photography, macro photography, event photography, headshot photography, facilities photography, lifestyle photography, and model photography are all unique skillsets, and no one is great at all of them. Check out past work and find someone who's work you admire.

At The Hood Collective, we have a team of expert photographers who specialize in different areas of the industry, and we always try to match the right photographer to the right client. We also structure our packages in such a way as to be as flexible and affordable as possible, rather than having a one-size-fits-all mindset. We're comfortable working with companies of all sizes, from 1 employee to 100. Our number one goal is to make sure you are proud of the content you share on social media, and that it accurately reflects who you are as a brand.


If you want your brand to make a splash on social media, The Hood Collective can help. Our team of professional photographers specialize in product, farm, flower, macro, and event photography that will excel on your Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts. Best of all, our flexible and affordable photography packages ensures that cannabis businesses of any size can take advantage.

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