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Motion graphics and animation are among the best ways to take your cannabis branding to the next level. In the world of digital marketing, the ultimate goal is to create engaging content that catches the attention of your target audience. Dynamic and elegant visuals that have been carefully designed to enhance your branding while conveying useful or interesting information to your customers and can exist across multiple platforms is always worth the investment.

At The Hood Collective, our co-founder Artem Ponomarev started his career as a 3D designer and animator, and he brought that expertise and cutting edge vision for motion graphics with him. This means our company takes animation and graphic design very seriously, and you can rest assured that your finished graphics will be made with the utmost professional care. Whether you want cannabis infographics, animated logos, or top-notch content for your social media channels, our animators will help you grow your business.



If you're unfamiliar with the term, motion graphics are essentially graphic designs with motion added. It is closely related to animation, but normally has a greater focus on text. In the world of digital marketing, motion graphics can be comprised of 2D and 3D designs, with a mixture of text, images, illustrations, and graphical elements. They also tend to be short, and may be incorporated into longer video content, including titles, credits, and animated logos.

In 2021, there is a growing trend to incorporate motion graphics into social media feeds, because their short, concise nature make them perfect for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, especially since all the major companies are emphasizing video content, meaning posts that are animated are much more likely to get impressions and have the chance to go viral.

Some of the reasons to use motion graphics for your cannabis content include the following:

  • Motion graphics can present long or boring information in an engaging and memorable way

  • Motion graphics help boost your company's brand awareness

  • Motion graphics can be shared with a click of a button

  • Motion graphics are affordable and can be executed quickly

As an example, we've seen great results with animated carousels on Instagram. A carousel is a series of multiple images or short videos that are shared in a single post, and encourage your audience to swipe left on your content. It may take your viewers only 20-30 seconds to scroll through an entire post, but even that minimal level of engagement does wonders for your viewability on Instagram. By using animation to increase your social engagement, you'll gain impressions, engagement, and followers.


Motion graphics and animation covers a lot of ground, so before hiring a designer, it's important to know what all the options are. Here is a partial list of the types of motion graphics your cannabis business might want to consider:

  • Animated Cannabis Logos

  • Motion Titles

  • 3D Cannabis Animations

  • Animated Cannabis Infographics

  • Animated Icons

  • Animated Instagram Carousels

  • Cannabis Presentations

  • Animated GIFs

  • Explainer Videos

  • Animated Tutorials

Many businesses like to start out with animated logos or icons. These are especially useful for sprucing up your website or making your video content look more professional. For cannabis businesses with a strong focus on educational content, animation and motion graphics is an easy, repeatable, and affordable way to convey complicated information efficiently and memorably. Of course, any of the above will really help to boost your presence on social and increase your company's brand awareness.

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The Hood Collective has a professional team of animators and graphic designers that excel at motion graphics, 3D design, and animation. Our goal is always to help our clients succeed, and our responsive service makes us easy to work with and ensures that the finished products will always meet the high demands of our customers. Best of all, our affordable design packages mean that our services can fit inside pretty much any budget.

We're standing ready to get started on your design challenges right away.

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