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Event Recap: Photography From Equity PAC Fundraiser (December 2021)

A holiday fundraiser for the Oregon Equity Investment PAC took place on December 9th in downtown Portland. The Hood Collective was proud to donate our event photography services in support of this important gathering. Jointly hosted by the Nuleaf Project and Green Light Law Group, the fundraiser raised nearly 20,000 dollars to be put towards helping to pass the Oregon Equity Act.

The evening, by every measure, was a great success. Not least because this was the first time in nearly two years for many people there to meet together in person. Thanks to the vaccination policy at the door, we were able to mingle and share laughs unmasked and without fear of transmission (though with the news about the omicron variant in the last couple weeks, it seems we may have just gotten this in under the wire).

The Return Of Cannabis Events, And Cannabis Event Photography

For The Hood Collective, we were especially glad to participate. Our last event took place in February 2021, right before the pandemic shut everything down. Since at that time, we secured most of our business based on face-to-face interactions and building trust and reputation through our sustained presence, not having events was a major blow. But most of all, we just really care about the cannabis industry, and not being able to see the many friends and inspirational leaders that we've been blessed to meet over the past five years has been extremely difficult.

We'd like to thank everyone involved in making this event possible, in particular Jeannette Ward Horton of the Nuleaf Project, Jesse Bontecou and Casey Houlihan at Oregon Retailers of Cannabis Association, and all the folks at Green Light. And of course, thanks to all the sponsors and attendees for your involvement.

The Importance Of Equity In The Cannabis Industry

The Oregon cannabis industry, in particular the recreational market, continues to enjoy steady growth. in the recreational cannabis market, It's important that as many people and businesses enjoy the tremendous benefits of this newly legalized industry, we don't forget the many marginalized communities that bore the brunt of prohibition and the War on Drugs. This includes Black, Indigenous, and Latinx populations throughout the United States, including here in Oregon.

The Oregon Equity Act is intended to ensure that a significant portion of the tax money generated from cannabis taxes is directed towards reinvestment in these communities. It will direct funds towards generating business opportunities, housing options, education, health care, expungement efforts, and more.

To learn more about the Oregon Equity Investment PAC, please visit here.

To inquire about The Hood Collective's event photography and other services, please contact us here.


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