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Clutch Honors The Hood Collective as Top Corporate Event Photographer for 2022

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Before the pandemic hit us, event marketing was by far our biggest and most popular service. This primarily included event photography, event video, and event social media marketing for the cannabis space. We took great pride in being the leading vendor in the Pacific Northwest for cannabis event marketing.

Of course, events have largely been on hold for the last two yaers, and it's only been in the last couple of months that we've had the opportunity to safely engage with the cannabis community in person once again. The Equity Pac Fundraiser and last week's Interchange are the most prominent examples.

The Hood Collective Named Among Top Event Photographers

With that being said, it’s a massive honor for us to celebrate an esteemed recognition with all of you. During the annual Clutch 2022 Leaders Awards, The Hood Collective was officially recognized as one of the leading events photographers for 2022!

Clutch is a data-driven reviews and ratings platform designed to help potential clients connect with the best service providers. The site is known for its massive collection of truthful content such as market reports and company rankings. For this recognition, the site evaluated thousands of companies based on a strict set of criteria including case studies and client reviews.

“We're proud to be recognized for our commitment to serving customers in the legal cannabis industry with premium video, photography, and graphic design.” — Decater Collins of The Hood Collective

Our entire team sends their gratitude to everyone who has supported us over the past five years! We owe this achievement to our beloved clients, especially those who took the time to review our services. We’re proud to have your testimonials prove our hard work and quality. This moment not only serves to acknowledge the work we've done to date, but also inspires us to work even harder in 2022 and beyond as cannabis events return in full force.

Professional Event Photography And Videography For The Cannabis Industry

Established in 2017, The Hood Collective is a goal-driven agency providing top level marketing, content creation, branding, and photography services. Our team is exclusively focused on the ever-growing and exciting cannabis industry. We provide the unique leverage our clients need to bridge the gap between legacy growers and the skeptical public. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, our team is efficient, effective, and passionate.

Ready to take your cannabis marketing to the next level? Get in touch to tell us about your upcoming event and what your marketing goals are. At The Hood Collective, we make the success of our clients our top priority.


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