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How Video Can Improve Your Cannabis Marketing

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Video marketing continues to grow in popularity, and smart cannabis businesses are capitalizing on this trend by producing engaging content that boosts mindshare for their brand and resonants with viewers. But not all video is created equal. So how can cannabis companies capitalize on the move to video and mine the most amount of value from their investment?

According to a survey from Hubspot, 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support. That’s an amazing statistic, and underscores not only how important video is right now, but where all the trend lines are pointing. The bottom line is, even if your cannabis business chooses not to use video as a part of its marketing strategy, your competitors will be using video. If you decide not to, you’ll be left behind.

Here are a few of the ways that video marketing can help grow your cannabis company right now.

Educate Your Customers With Video

Cannabis is still a very young industry, even in the states that first legalized it. That means we’re dealing with a very immature market with a lot of consumers who know very little about the industry, or even worse, are victims of misinformation. The successful companies that can educate their customers on the benefits and advantages of their products will have a huge head start when it comes to branding and loyalty.

That’s where video comes in. Creating a series of informative, educational videos that document the science and research behind your product, or make it easier for users to better understand how to get the most out of your products, will benefit immensely.

Supercharge Your SEO With Cannabis Videos

One of the best ways to increase the amount of organic traffic you’re getting (visits to your website that find your website through search engines without you having to pay for ads) is with video. Have you noticed that when you ask a question in Google, one of the first lines returned will feature several videos on the topic? If your company creates videos (like the educational content we mentioned above) that answers common cannabis-related questions, your videos and your webpages will be much more likely to pop up near the top of results.

Document Your Cannabis Events

Videos and events have always gone well together. But with Covid-19 making large gatherings impossible, more and more businesses that rely on events have turned to video and live streaming. Videoing your event allows you to reach more people, whether it’s in real time with live streaming, or after the fact by recording your keynote speakers and seminars.

With more companies moving towards CBD and Hemp, and with the promise of borders opening up to interstate trade in the near future, being able to reach customers outside of your immediate area is becoming more important. Video allows you to connect with your customers without forcing them to come to you, or you to them.

Bolster Your Cannabis Branding

Cannabis companies underestimate the need for powerful branding at their own risk. Video is a great means for helping your cannabis brand to connect with more potential customers. It accomplishes this in three keys ways.

First of all, video allows your company to differentiate itself from the competition. Secondly, video has been proven to increase customer retention over time, as it allows brands to create stronger connections with their buyers. Finally, video marketing has been tied directly to growth. A bigger audience means increased sales.

The bottom line, a premium cannabis brand needs premium video.

Increase Customer Engagement

Along those same lines, engagement is a huge part of effective marketing in 2021. Whether on social, online, or via traditional marketing channels, campaigns that create engagement are vastly preferable to just getting eyeballs. Video is a great way for creating that engagement, as it’s more memorable and provokes more of an emotional response, the main prerequisite for engaging content.

Earn More Conversions

Even more importantly for most companies, video is a proven method for gaining more conversions. A lot of companies that we work with are starting to create video content for their websites that align with the desired actions you want your website visitors to take. If you want people to sign up for a newsletter, create a video extolling the virtues of doing so. If you want people to try your new pre-rolls, a product video showing people enjoying them is a perfect solution.

Reach More People On Social Media

Of course, in the cannabis industry, many of the traditional marketing channels are closed off to us. That means we have to get creative with our marketing, and that definitely makes social media more important. Video is hugely critical on social right now, as evidenced by all of the new features associated with video that have come out in the last couple of years.

Because social media channels want to promote these new features, whether it’s Facebook or Instagram Live, IGTV, or some other video feature that will be released next month, posts that contain video will get disseminated more broadly because that’s the priority for the sites at the moment. The sooner you start putting out quality video content, the sooner your cannabis company can capitalize.

Cannabis Video Production From The Hood Collective

Video, when done properly, can represent a huge investment for a cannabis business. That’s why you want to choose the right partner for any video production, large or small. The Hood Collective specializes in creating professional, engaging video content at an affordable price point.

Best of all, we work with cannabis companies from conception to presentation to ensure that they get maximum value from their video content. Whether you are looking for video for your website, social media, trade shows, YouTube channel, or all of the above, our video production experts can help your content stand out.

Contact us today to learn more and schedule a free consultation.


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