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Event Photography And Videography: Double Duty

Two cannabis events in one day? It happened this past Saturday, June 4th, as The Caputo Group hired us to cover two separate events they were sponsoring.

Swap And Smoke Event Video And Photography

Event one was the Swap and Smoke at the Kaleafa Social Club in Oregon City. If you're into cannabis stickers (who isn't?) then this was a great meet up to chat with artists and load up on some of the coolest stickers around.

We also captured a lot of video, specifically to make some cool Instagram reels. We're still working on editing these, but you can get a sneak peek of one of the first videos below:

A good time was had by all.

Tokeativity Prism House Anniversary Party Video And Photography

Once we got done with the Swap and Smoke, it was on to the Tokeativity anniversary party. Hosted at Prism House, Samantha Montanaro's lovely NE Portland home (but not for much longer, Sam is moving next month...sad face), the theme of the evening was Rainbows + Roses.

As it was Tokeativity's first in person event since the pandemic started, and one of their few mixed gender gatherings, it was a tremendous opportunity to see familiar faces and make new friends. Check out some of the highlights:

The event was sponsored by The Caputo Group, and so we were hired by them to capture quality shots and video of the event while spotlighting their involvement.

Event Video And Photography From The Hood Collective

The Hood Collective is a professional cannabis event photography and videography company. We provide high-quality content to help promote and elevate your events. Our team is experienced in shooting and editing video and photos for the cannabis industry, and we know how to capture the essence of your event.

We offer a range of services, including:

We specialize in capturing all aspects of cannabis events, from the keynote speeches and product displays, to the attendees and networking. Our goal is to create a visual story of your event that will leave a lasting impression.

Why Your Cannabis Event Needs Professional Photography And Videography

When planning a cannabis event, it is important to remember that professional photography and videography can help capture the essence of the gathering and create lasting memories for participants. Photos and videos taken at an event can be used to promote future events, generate social media content, and build an online presence for the company or organization hosting the cannabis event.

Good photography and videography will help capture all the important moments from the event – from people enjoying themselves and interacting with each other, to speakers delivering their presentations or products being displayed and sampled. Professional photographers and videographers know how to compose shots that are both interesting and engaging

Contact us today to learn more about our services!


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