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Cannabis Event Photography: The Blaze Ball

We recently celebrated the merging of Oregon's cannabis industry organizations at the Blaze Ball here in Portland. Following the merger of the Cannabis Industry Alliance or Oregon and the Oregon Cannabis Association, we're ready to take on the OLCC and the Governor's office better than ever!

The party was held at Nimble Distro's Portland facility and as always, fun was had by all. Check out some of the highlights below:

The Hood Collective: Elevating Cannabis Events Through Expert Visual Storytelling

At The Hood Collective, we redefine the art of capturing cannabis events through our specialized photography and videography services. Our mission is to craft and enhance the visual narrative of your event with exceptional quality. Our adept team, with a deep understanding of the cannabis industry, is skilled in both the art of shooting and the precision of editing, ensuring that the unique atmosphere of your event is vividly brought to life.

Our comprehensive suite of services includes:

Our forte lies in meticulously documenting every facet of cannabis events - be it the impactful keynotes, the intricate product showcases, or the dynamic interactions among attendees. We aim to weave these elements into a compelling visual story, leaving a resonant and enduring impact.

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