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The Why Cannabis? Web Series

For veterans of the industry, the question of why cannabis may seem too obvious to answer. But the truth is that until relatively recently, the cannabis industry was an underground affair, and in the mind of the general public weed still carries with it a serious stigma, and all some people know about it is clichés and misinformation.

A few years ago, we set out to change that, in our own humble and modest way. We started the web series Why Cannabis to document the stories of all kinds of cannabis lovers, from a wide variety of backgrounds and perspectives. The answers have been truly amazing, and it’s been a privilege to have so many thoughtful and earnest people share their stories with us.

Because of the pandemic, the Why Cannabis? series has been on hold for more than a year and a half now (please get vaccinated people!). We’re hoping at some point to resume it safely, but in the meantime, here is a look back a the web series and some of our favorite episodes.

The People Of Why Cannabis?

One of the things we quickly learned when shooting Why Cannabis? is that everyone’s story is unique. People consume cannabis for a wide variety of reasons, including medical needs, a desire to regulate their moods, relax or deal with stress, and purely recreational purposes. Hearing so many passionate people speak about the plant and how it has positively impacted their life has been truly enlightening, and it’s fueled a desire on our part to serve the industry in helping to remove the negative stigmas that are still rampant.

To date, we’ve made 67 episodes of Why Cannabis?, with the series having garnered over thousands of views. It represents a myriad of views and backgrounds, and highlights a number of prominent leaders in Oregon and Washington’s cannabis industries. From patients to CEOs, from professional athletes to life long activists, the truth is that we all share a common affection for cannabis and the many benefits that it provides.

Why We Started Why Cannabis?

When we first started out as a company in 2017, we entered the market at a challenging time. Following legalization in Oregon a couple years early, there was an initial period known as The Green Rush, and companies were raking in the money, often literally, with no place to safely save it because banking options were extremely limited if not non-existent. So companies might have duffel bags of cash hidden away and a willingness to spend it anyway they could to benefit their business.

We were told the cannabis industry was a can’t miss proposition, and so we eagerly opened our (figurative) doors in August of 2017. Which also just happened to coincide with the cannabis glut, as the price of a pound of weed precipitously dropped that fall and many businesses, from growers to distributors to trimmers and more, were caught completely off-guard. The Green Rush was over.

With very few companies able to afford marketing, we had to take a long game approach. We started Why Cannabis? as a way to get to know the key players in the industry, while at the same time giving them a chance to become familiar with us and what we were capable of. Starting Why Cannabis? was probably the smartest thing we did, and I’m fairly certain The Hood Collective wouldn’t exist today if we hadn’t.

But there’s another even more important reason why we started this web series. We are passionate filmmakers who believe in giving everyone a voice. Why Cannabis has been a great way to hear from a wide swath of people on why they love cannabis and how it has benefited them, and we’re honored to have been able to serve them in this way.

Some Of Our Favorite Why Cannabis? Episodes

It’s pretty much impossible to pick out a favorite episode of Why Cannabis?, but that certainly won’t stop us from sharing some of our most memorable.

This interview with Jeremy Sackett, the Co-Founder of Cascadia Labs, was especially heart-felt:

Harlee Case of Ladies of Paradise may think of herself as intense and crazy (her words) but we couldn't appreciate her more for what she's doing to elevate the industry:

It was a great honor to speak with Kimberly McCullough of the Oregon ACLU, and very educational as well. We encourage all of you to support the ACLU any way you can:

Hearing everything that Sara Asher has been through really brings home just how important cannabis is to people around the world. This is a medicine first and foremost:

And last but not least, The Hood Collective favorite Samantha Montanaro, Co-Founder of Tokeativity and all-around swell person:

The Benefits Of Creating Your Own Cannabis Web Series

For any company thinking about creating video content, a web series, whether it’s educational, informative, or entertaining in nature, is a great way to build an audience and bolster your brand. An ongoing video series generates a steady supply of content for your website and social media, and is a powerful form of soft marketing.

It gives people a reason to visit your website on a regular basis and allows you introduce your products and people in an organic way without having to directly ask for sales or money. An old rule of marketing is the best content creates value for your customers. A well-made web series is an amazing value that your customers will appreciate.

Partner With The Hood Collective For Your Cannabis Video Needs

If you’re looking to film regular video content, whether it’s a web series, an educational course, or more of a personal vlog, working with a professional video production company offers many benefits. Most importantly, it allows you to create the kind of content that will truly represent your brand, while engaging current and potential customers in a meaningful way.

At The Hood Collective, our video team loves to work with clients on original video content that is educational, informative, and just plain fun. Our number one goal is helping businesses grow in a sustainable manner. No matter what your video needs, whether it’s for promotional videos, educational videos, testimonials, or event coverage, we have the expertise and gear to make it happen right.

The Hood Collective specializes in creating top-notch cannabis video for any sized budget. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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