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How A Drone Can Improve Your Cannabis Marketing

In the highly competitive cannabis market, even a small edge over the competition can make a big difference on your bottom line. For cannabis businesses trying to succeed in 2021, drone content, including both photography and video, can help you rise above (pun intended!). All sorts of companies are learning how valuable drones can be for showing off their products, property, facilities, or people. With aerial footage and images, drones have the ability to improve your marketing strategies and enhance your brand.

But how can your business use drone content successfully? You need to partner with an experienced drone pilot who is not only fully licensed, but has experience working on top-notch marketing content that fits seamlessly into a company’s marketing and branding strategy. The Hood Collective’s team of drone pilots are vetted veterans that know how to fly as well as how to build out a marketing campaign.

For cannabis businesses trying to succeed in 2021, drone content, including both photography and video, can help you rise above (pun intended!)

So let’s take a look at how to utilize drone content in support of your cannabis company’s marketing strategy.

Showcase Your Cannabis Farm Or Facility

The most straightforward way to use a drone to market your cannabis business is to showcase your farm or facility with outstanding visual content. I’ve met a lot of cannabis and hemp growers, and one thing they have in common is a desire to show off their operation, whether it’s an expansive outdoor farm or a state-of-the-art indoor facility. Drones have the ability to capture your location in a way that nothing else can.

The best part about professionally-shot aerial photos and video is that it can be used in so many ways to support your business. You can feature the pics and movie clips on your website, create slick marketing materials that will pop, or use the content in your newsletters and emails. That’s not to mention the huge potential for drone content on social media.

Stand Out On Social Media

Of course, drone clips are especially popular on social media, and the first time you post a picture or a move with the hashtag #drone you’ll see an immediate uptick in impressions, likes, and overall engagement. This is because drone related hashtags have a popularity that’s completely separate from the agricultural and cannabis related hashtags you’re likely already using. That’s why drone content has the potential to expose your business to a whole new audience.

Another way to utilize a drone for your cannabis business is to spotlight the scenic spots and beautiful locales of your state and region (Mt. Ranier, The Oregon Coast, or the Rocky Mountains to name just three examples). Because cannabis is still so restricted in terms of where and how it can be sold, your market is most likely in the same area where you’re growing, so highlighting your connection to the region is valuable. But for hemp and CBD manufacturers, there’s also the potential to differentiate your brand by associating it with your home region, and drones are great for this.

Improve Your Investor Pitch

For many small- and medium-sized businesses, the main goal is to attract investors or an outright buyer. Branding is an important way to increase the value of your business, which means drone content can literally put more money in your pocket. Whether you are creating an investor deck .PDF or a video highlighting your property and facilities, aerial photography and video can make your pitch stand apart from the crowd.

One way to impress your investors is to show off your property or location in a dazzling way. If people are putting money into a venture, they want to be wowed, and drone content is one of the best ways to do that. We’ve worked with a number of businesses and property owners in helping them to shape and accentuate their investor decks and drone footage has been one of the most in demand services we offer in this regard.

Increase Your Farm’s Cannabis Output

At its heart, cannabis is an agriculture business, and in 2021, drones have an ever-growing role to play in big agriculture. Even for smaller farms and indoor grows and greenhouses, drone technology has advanced to the point where it’s helping growers in ways that were unthinkable even five years ago.

The types of tasks that agriculture drones can accomplish include land surveying, scouting, crop inspections, and more. Drones have even progressed to the point where they can help with the actual farm work, such as seed planting and the application of fertilizers and pesticides. Farmers who employ drones have reported the ability to save money and time while lessening the impact on soil and plants associated with traditional farming methods.

Drones Are Cool

What it really comes down to is that drones are just plain cool. Every time we pull out our drone at a shoot, everyone wants to watch and see the final results. This enthusiasm translates to increased engagement and audience growth, whether we’re talking your website, social media, or other marketing endeavors. They also help your brand look more professional. The question isn’t really whether your business can benefit from a drone, but finding the right team to work with.

Try Out Drone Marketing With The Hood Collective

The best way to create amazing, eye-catching digital content for your cannabis business is with drone photography and video. At The Hood Collective, our fully licensed drone pilots excel at producing stunning visuals for cannabis and hemp farms, that will fit seamlessly into your already ongoing marketing strategy. Whether you’re a cannabis farm, indoor facility, processor, distributor, and event organizer, or dispensary, drone content will make an immediate difference in your ability to connect with your intended audience.

The Hood Collective specializes in creating attractive and engaging cannabis content no matter what your budget. That includes premium drone footage and photos. (Check out our drone reel above).

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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