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While medical cannabis has been at least partially legal in New Hampshire for nearly a decade, recreational cannabis is still off limits for residents. This despite the fact that many neighboring states have moved forward with legal cannabis, including Massachusetts, Maine, and Vermont, which leads many observers to believe that it won't be long before New Hampshire follows suit. In the meantime, this leaves many cannabis companies in the region severely limited in what they are and aren't allowed to do in terms of marketing and self-promotion. Nevertheless, cannabis advocates are striving to erase the stigma associated with cannabis and create greater access to the plant, for patients and non-patients alike.

The Hood Collective is a nationwide cannabis marketing agency that has strong connections to the New Hampshire cannabis industry. In fact, one of our founders makes his home in the state. This means our team of  graphic designers, photographers, videographers, and drone pilots are in favor of New Hampshire legalization, while being in an excellent position to help medical dispensaries, advocacy organizations, and other cannabis companies, businesses, and non-profits to strengthen their brand right now. New Hampshire also has a thriving CBD and Hemp market, which we believe has tremendous potential in the coming years. Our company focuses exclusively on the cannabis industry and can help businesses of all sizes to create engaging and effective digital and print content, high quality video, and eye-catching product and event photography.


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New Hampshire legalized medical marijuana in 2013, with the passage of House Bill 573, guaranteeing access to cannabis for patients with a range of qualifying conditions. The bill specifies that patients must also be exhibiting severe symptoms in order to receive cannabis as a treatment. While growing plants is not allowed for individuals, cannabis can be sold via non-profit dispensaries to patients with medical marijuana cards, within designated purchase and possession limits. The cultivation and sale of medical cannabis is overseen   by the Therapeutic Cannabis Program, a division of the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services. Legal dispensaries in the state are referred to as Alternative Treatment Centers (See Map).

The new law makes it permissible for seriously ill patients suffering from cancer or epilepsy to consume cannabis. Patients must apply for Registry Identification Cards and purchases must take place at authorized Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers. Other provisions allow for patients or caregivers to procure up to a 35-day supply of smokeable flower, or a 70-day supply of medical cannabis in other forms (such as edibles). Other viable intake options include sprays, oils, vaping, or pills.

The qualifying conditions and ailments for medical cannabis in New Hampshire include the following:

  • Cancer

  • Alzheimer's

  • Lou Gehrig's Disease

  • Crohn's Disease

  • Epilepsy

  • Multiple Sclerosis

  • Parkinson's


  • Glaucoma

  • Hepatitis C

  • Lupus

  • A Spinal Cord or Traumatic Brain Injury

Moreover, the patient must be determined to be suffering from severe pain, seizures, vomiting, muscle spasms, agitation, other chronic problems that have not responded to other treatment options, meaning that New Hampshire's medical cannabis law is more restrictive than many other states.

In 2017, the possession of cannabis, up to .75 ounces, was decriminalized, making it a civil offense with an accompanying $100 fine for the first and second offense, and $300 for the third offense. The state came close to making recreational cannabis legal in 2014, when the House passed a bill similar to Colorado's legalization bill, but it failed to gain traction in the Senate, and Republicans have let it be known they are against any further legalization.


With recreational cannabis still not permitted, the state necessarily has very stringent rules governing the marketing of cannabis. The oversight of these regulations is left to the Therapeutic Cannabis Program and the Department of Health and Human Services, which are charged with setting rules for how Alternative Treatment Centers may operate. The number one prohibition, as designated by the original law, is that no ATCs may engage in misrepresentation or unfair business practices.

Furthermore, as with the rest of the law, it is extremely restrictive in terms of marketing. In fact, most marketing is disallowed, except in a few limited instances. This includes the ability for ATC's to have a logo and exterior sign, but both of these must refrain from any imagery that depicts cannabis, cannabis paraphernalia, or any reference or slang associated with cannabis. The ATC's are also allowed to have a website and social media accounts, as long as they limit the information included to the following:

  • Name and location

  • Contact information

  • Hours of operation

  • Services provided

  • Strains of cannabis available

  • Products available

  • Prices of products, including any available discounts on products

  • Educational material, including information as described in He-C 402.21

  • Any other information related to the ATC that is not intended to induce, directly or indirectly, the purchase of cannabis by persons who are not qualifying patients or designated caregivers


These strict rules mean that medical dispensaries are severely limited in their ability to advertise. For hemp and CBD businesses, the rules are much more lax, and this is the primary area of cannabis marketing and sales currently in the state. New Hampshire generally leaves it to the FDA and federal laws to designate what is and isn't allowed when it comes to CBD.

New Hampshire Cannabis Marketing Fall Landscape.jpg

The Hood Collective features a team of professional videographers and photographers who are extremely passionate about supporting the marketing efforts of New Hampshire cannabis businesses. Because the CBD and Hemp markets are not limited in scope to single states, but rather can sell across state, and even national, borders, the competition is fierce and the need to connect directly with potential consumers intense. This is where professional photography and video come into play. No matter what your content needs, we can help. One area of specialty for us is educational content, which is one of the few allowable avenues open to New Hampshire's cannabis dispensaries.

In terms of photography, our featured services include:

  • Cannabis Product Photography

  • Cannabis Macro And Flower Photography

  • Cannabis Facilities Photography

  • Cannabis Event Photography

  • Cannabis Headshots

  • Cannabis Aerial Photography

When you hire The Hood Collective for your video production needs, you can rest easy knowing that the entire pre- and post-production process will be covered. Our team uses only the most advanced camera, lighting, and audio equipment, to ensure your high-definition visuals look stunning on any platform, from phones to giant LED screens. You can also hire us for beautiful and elegant animation and motion graphics, to give your videos a fully professional look. Our comprehensive services include scripting, set design, location scouting, studio rentals, filming, hair and makeup, editing, and color correction.


Our team is fully prepared to produce any of the following cannabis videos:

  • Cannabis Landing Page Videos

  • Cannabis Web Series

  • Cannabis Educational Videos

  • Customer Testimonials

  • Cannabis Event Videos

  • Cannabis Live Streaming

  • Cannabis Motion Graphics

  • Cannabis SEO Videos

  • Cannabis Drone Videos


Even in the restrictive world of New Hampshire cannabis marketing, professional graphic design is still legal and necessary.  Whether your dispensary needs a logo refresh, or your CBD product line requires new packaging that fits in with your overall brand aesthetic, the solution is to partner with a knowledgeable graphic designer.  When you partner with a New Hampshire graphic designer, you want to know that they fully understand the cannabis and CBD markets, so they can avoid the cliches and produce something that is both original and compelling. The Hood Collective offers cannabis businesses like yours affordable yet premium graphic design packages that are suitable for print publishing, digital marketing, and social media.

Our professional graphic design team covers the following services:

  • Cannabis Style Guides

  • Cannabis Logo Design

  • Cannabis Packaging Design

  • Cannabis Animations

  • Cannabis Social Media Graphic Design

  • Cannabis Marketing Materials

  • Cannabis Business Card Design

  • Cannabis Poster And Banner Design


The Hood Collective is serious about the New Hampshire market. That's because one of our co-founders actually lives there. No matter where you're located in New Hampshire, and the surrounding states, we can be there when you need us. Our areas of operation include:

  • Concord, New Hampshire

  • Manchester, New Hampshire

  • Portsmouth, New Hampshire

  • Nashua, New Hampshire

  • Keene, New Hampshire

  • Derry, New Hampshire

  • Conway, New Hampshire

  • Lebanon, New Hampshire

  • Rochester, New Hampshire


Don't see your city or town listed? Feel free to reach out anyway. We're able to travel anywhere our customers in New Hampshire need us.


The Hood Collective has always made the success of our New Hampshire customers our number one priority. We aren't a fly-by-night company looking to get rich in the 'Green Rush.' We strive to cultivate long term clients. We want our partnership to grow right alongside your business. With a proven track record of supporting the marketing goals of our clients, you won't be disappointed with the results produced by our professional graphic designers, photographers, and videographers.


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