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Cannabis for recreational use became legal in the state of Nevada in 2017.  As a state known for attracting tourists from all over the United States, not to mention the world, legalizing cannabis was a significant milestone as it would give many people from parts of the country where the laws are still extremely restrictive to experience legal weed. It also was brought an immediate windfall of investment dollars as entrepreneurs rightfully saw a tremendous opportunity to start and invest in cannabis-oriented businesses. In such an environment, it's imperative for Nevada cannabis companies to formulate and execute professional marketing strategies to reach more customers and grow their business.

The Hood Collective is a full service content marketing agency focused exclusively on the cannabis industry. Founded in 2017, our graphic designers, videographers, and photographers support cannabis business owners and marketing leads in the Nevada market by creating premium digital and print content at an affordable price point. We work with cannabis farms, distributors, processors, events, testers, edible makers, industry organizations, and dispensaries, as well as hemp and CBD businesses. If you're in search of content creators who know how to promote a cannabis brand in a unique and compelling manner, look no further.


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While the legalization of recreational cannabis was a more recent accomplishment in Nevada, medical marijuana has been allowed for over two decades. Legislation was first passed in 2001, following consecutive ballot measures in the 1998 and 2000 elections. Defelonization happened around the same time, making Nevada one of the cannabis friendlier states in the early 2000's. Following legalization of recreational cannabis in Washington and Colorado, Nevada joined Oregon and a few other states in the next wave. The Initiative to Regulate and Tax Marijuana passed with 54% Yes votes in November of 2016, after two unsuccessful efforts in 2002 and 2006.

In many ways, the path to commercial cannabis operations in Nevada has not been smooth. Despite medical cannabis becoming legal in 2000, it was still not readily available in a regulated market for more than a decade. Even after Senate Bill 374 passed in June 2013, allowing for commercial distribution, the rollout was hampered by a lengthy license approval process. The first dispensary licenses were limited to twelve in number, resulting in fierce competition. Although the process was onerous for businesses, the initial wave of cultivators and dispensaries were well financed, well designed, and customer friendly. At this time, the industry was overseen by the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services.

The first legal sale of recreational cannabis in Nevada occurred on July 1, 2017.

To be eligible for the medical cannabis registry in the State of Nevada, you need to be diagnosed with one of the following conditions:

  • Cancer

  • Opioid Addiction

  • An Eating Disorder Such As Anorexia

  • Glaucoma

  • Epilepsy (Or Other Seizure-Inducing Disorder)

  • Multiple Sclerosis


  • Autism

  • Anxiety

  • Chronic Nausea Or Pain

  • An Autoimmune Disease

  • Wasting Syndrome


Furthermore, Nevada has moved to the forefront of another crucial issue with regards to legal cannabis, and that's concerning public consumption. In June 2021, Assembly Bill 341 made it legal to operate alcohol-free consumption lounges. This makes it possible for adults to both purchase and consume cannabis products. The law went into effect October 1, 2021. It is expected other states will follow suit, as currently there is a discrepancy in the system, because tourists and visitors to legal states may be able to purchase cannabis but have no where to consume it, as very few hotels and Air BnB's allow for consumption.


From the beginning of legalization in Nevada, there have been strict rules regarding how cannabis can be marketed and advertised, including medical cannabis, CBD, and hemp, and all related products. The oversight of legal cannabis cultivation and distribution is handled by the Nevada Department of Taxation.

As it pertains to advertising, the primary consideration is the protection of minors. This means there are explicit and far-reaching laws concerning how and where a cannabis operation can market itself. These rules extend to medical dispensaries and facilities as well. The rules forbid cannabis companies from advertising cannabis, cannabis edible products, or cannabis-infused products in such a way that they would appeal to children. Examples of types of advertisements that are off limits include animated characters, mascots, toys, fruit, action figures, or balloons.

Furthermore, businesses are not allowed to advertise cannabis products in any location that might include minors, but instead must be restricted to location that only allow adults 21 and over. Examples of places where you cannot advertise cannabis include in or near schools, playgrounds, parks, libraries, billboards, and public transportation. All approved advertisements must also have the following warnings:

  1.     Keep out of reach of children

  2.     For use only by adults 21 years of age and older

Advertisements are not allowed to depict consumption, including smoking and vaping. Likewise, the ads cannot be judged to promote overconsumption in any way, nor promote the consumption of alcohol and cannabis at the same time. Advertisers are forbidden from promoting false or misleading information, or making any kind of medical claims regarding the use of cannabis. Finally, businesses are not allowed to give away any free cannabis products or other kinds of promotions without requiring a purchase.

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One of the most important elements of an effective and engaging marketing strategy includes the use of professional video and photography. The Hood Collective concentrates on supporting Nevada cannabis businesses in the creation of top-notch digital content that will elevate their brand image and resonate with potential customers. We have a talented team of Nevada photographers and videographers who have experience working throughout the state. We also have the ability to receive product packaging for shooting in our studio. Everyone at The Hood Collective is extremely passionate about what we do, and believes strongly in supporting the success of our clients. With only the most advanced, professional camera, lighting, and audio gear, our team possesses the expertise and creative vision to execute on your vision in a timely manner. That includes our federally-licensed drone pilots, for when you need capture stunning aerial footage of your cannabis facility, alongside the beautiful skylines and landscapes of Nevada.

Our photography team offers the following professional services:

  • Cannabis Packaging Photography

  • Cannabis Product Photography

  • Cannabis Event Photography

  • Cannabis And Hemp Farm Photography

  • Cannabis Facilities Photography

  • Cannabis Staff And Team Photos

  • Cannabis Model Photography

  • Cannabis Drone Photography

Video is becoming increasingly popular for marketing a cannabis business. Our video team offers the best in lighting, cameras, audio, and motion graphics, and we always work closely with our clients all the way from pre- to post-production. We're able to handle ideation, script writing, art design, hair and makeup, filming, editing, and color correction. We have plenty of experience with the following types of cannabis video:

  • Cannabis Landing Page Videos

  • Cannabis Informative Videos

  • Cannabis Interviews

  • Customer Testimonials

  • Cannabis Event Videos

  • Cannabis Live Streaming

  • Cannabis Animation And Title Design

  • Cannabis Drone Videos


Every cannabis company needs graphic design, even if it's just their logo. But as you expand your marketing efforts, and more competition enters the Nevada market, professional graphic design becomes increasingly important. A failure to utilize premium graphic design quality is a good way to get your company branded as amateur or second rate. Premium branding begins with premium graphic design. The Hood Collective specializes in producing best-in-the-industry designs for cannabis companies of all sizes. Better yet, pair our graphic designers with our stunning photography to create marketing materials and social media content that your competitors will be jealous of.

Our dedicated graphic design team is offers the following services:

  • Cannabis Logo Design

  • Cannabis Branding

  • Cannabis Style Guides

  • Cannabis Packaging Design

  • Cannabis Motion Graphics And Animation

  • Cannabis Poster Design

  • Cannabis Marketing Materials And Brochures

  • Cannabis Business Cards


The Hood Collective has been based on the West Coast since 2017, so it was always a question of when, not if, we would expand into the Nevada market. Obviously, the majority of cannabis economic activity is centered around Las Vegas and Reno, but our team of professional graphic designers, photographers, videographers, and drone pilots are ready to assist you no matter where you are located in Nevada. That includes the following cities:

  • Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Reno, Nevada

  • Carson City, Nevada

  • Sparks, Nevada

  • Henderson, Nevada

  • Mesquite, Nevada

  • North Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Elko, Nevada

  • Paradise, Nevada

  • Laughlin, Nevada

  • Boulder City, Nevada

Don't see your city listed? Don't hesitate to reach out. We're happy to travel anywhere our customers in Nevada need us.


The Hood Collective is fully committed to the sustainable success of our customers. In fact, we've turned down clients before because we didn't think they were in a position to fully capitalize on our services. It's just one more example of our unparalleled  commitment to the Washington cannabis market. Our professional and responsive graphic designers, animators, and videographers make your satisfaction our top priority. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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