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Welcome to a new chapter in the Minnesota cannabis industry, and a turning point in our shared journey towards understanding and appreciating this truly exceptional plant. Since the legalization of recreational cannabis use in Minnesota in 2023, the state has ushered in a dynamic era, inviting innovators, enthusiasts, and artisans alike to contribute to a thriving, inclusive, and robust cannabis market. This market is teeming with opportunities for growers, retailers, and consumers to create, explore, and connect.

Enter The Hood Collective, your trusted partner and guide in navigating the vibrant Minnesota cannabis landscape. Our mission is deeply rooted in promoting the artistry behind the science of cannabis, bringing your unique narrative and exquisite products to the forefront. With origins in the established cannabis market of Portland, Oregon, we bring to Minnesota an exceptional combination of passion, expertise, and an in-depth understanding of the cannabis industry.

As your ally in this exciting new journey, The Hood Collective seeks to empower your cannabis venture through bespoke marketing and branding strategies, tailored to resonate with your audience, and echo throughout the Minnesota market. We know that your cannabis products are more than just commodities; they are works of art. Our purpose is to ensure that your creations are seen, appreciated, and valued as such. We are not just marketers; we are storytellers, artists, and visionaries, helping you cultivate a lasting legacy in the ever-evolving canvas of the cannabis industry. Join us, and let's create something extraordinary together.



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The journey of cannabis legalization in Minnesota is a compelling story of perseverance, societal change, and a growing recognition of the plant's remarkable potential. It all began in 2014, when the state first sanctioned the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes. The Minnesota Medical Marijuana Act was enacted into law, marking a significant milestone in the state's cannabis history. Despite being one of the most restrictive in the country, the law acknowledged the therapeutic benefits of cannabis for a limited set of severe medical conditions, including cancer, severe epilepsy, HIV/AIDS, and Crohn's Disease, among others.

With time, the scope of the Act evolved, becoming more inclusive and responsive to the needs of patients. The state expanded the list of qualifying conditions to include "intractable pain" in 2016, followed by PTSD in 2017. By the end of 2019, conditions such as chronic pain and age-related macular degeneration were also added, effectively broadening the reach of medical cannabis to more Minnesotans.

Then, in a transformative moment on May 30, 2023, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz signed a bill legalizing recreational cannabis for adults aged 21 and over, reflecting a seismic shift in societal and legislative attitudes towards cannabis. The law, which goes into effect on August 1, 2023, decriminalized the use, possession, and cultivation of cannabis, and laid out a roadmap for the establishment of commercial sales. This bold step signified the dawn of a new era in Minnesota's cannabis industry, opening the gates to countless possibilities for innovation, entrepreneurship, and shared growth. It was a clear signal that the future of cannabis in Minnesota was not just about healing bodies, but also about nurturing a flourishing community and economy.



The State of Minnesota has implemented comprehensive legislation to ensure that advertising for cannabis businesses is conducted responsibly, ethically, and within certain boundaries. At its core, this legislation emphasizes truthfulness, care for public health, and consideration for underage individuals. Under Subdivision 1 of the Minnesota Statutes § 342.64, advertisements for cannabis businesses, products, and hemp-derived items must not contain false or misleading statements, nor should they promote overconsumption or depict underaged consumption. Furthermore, they must steer clear of imagery designed to appeal to individuals under 21 years of age, and every advertisement is required to contain a warning about impairment and health risks associated with cannabis use.

Moving outdoors, the statutes become even more specific. Outdoor advertising for cannabis businesses and products, with a few exceptions, is largely prohibited. While businesses can erect up to two fixed outdoor signs on their properties, these are the only exceptions to the blanket ban on outdoor advertising. Restrictions also extend to media platforms; if 30% or more of the audience of a particular medium is expected to be under 21, businesses are prohibited from advertising their cannabis or hemp products there.

Finally, Minnesota law is clear on direct advertising methods and technologies. Cannabis businesses must verify that the recipient of any direct, individualized communication or advertisement is 21 years of age or older. This extends to location-based devices, where advertising is only permitted if the device owner is verified to be 21 or older. Unsolicited pop-up advertisements on the internet are strictly prohibited. And for healthcare practitioners involved in the medical cannabis program, they must adhere to an additional set of advertising restrictions to ensure medical integrity, public health, and trust in the system. Violation of these rules could result in them being prohibited from certifying patients for the medical cannabis program. The cannabis advertising rules in Minnesota might be stringent, but they are designed to ensure a safe, responsible, and ethical cannabis industry.

Importantly, as Minnesota is still in the early stages of cannabis legalization, these rules are subject to change. The landscape of the industry is rapidly evolving, and adjustments in regulations are likely to follow. Therefore, businesses must remain vigilant, attentive to updates, and always err on the side of caution in their branding and marketing strategies. By prioritizing compliance and ethical advertising now, businesses will be well-positioned to adapt to future changes and continue to thrive in Minnesota's burgeoning cannabis market.


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The Hood Collective boasts a diverse and talented team of photographers and videographers, each bringing their unique artistic vision and experience to the table. They are storytellers, capturing the spirit and essence of each cannabis product they photograph or film. This talented team has a keen understanding of how to elevate products, bring forth their unique qualities, and communicate their values visually, which ultimately allows consumers to form an emotional connection with the brand. Whether shooting in the studio or on location, these creatives utilize innovative techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to create compelling, high-quality content that resonates with viewers.

The services offered by our professional cannabis photography team include:

  • Cannabis Product Photography

  • Cannabis Farm Photography

  • Cannabis Greenhouse Photography

  • Cannabis Flower Photography

  • Cannabis Macro Photography

  • Cannabis Event Photography

  • Cannabis Dispensary Photography

  • Cannabis Aerial Photography

  • Cannabis Team Photography

  • Cannabis Lifestyle Photography

Our photographers and videographers have a deep-rooted passion for the cannabis industry, making them experts at capturing the beauty and intricacy of cannabis plants and products. Their vast experience enables them to showcase the uniqueness of each product, from the shimmering trichomes on a perfectly cured bud to the smooth consistency of a top-shelf concentrate. Moreover, they understand the importance of abiding by industry regulations while still producing engaging and eye-catching content. With their unique skills, the Hood Collective's visual team is poised to help brands make a significant impact in the Minnesota market and beyond.


We have experience with the following kinds of cannabis videos:

  • Cannabis About Us Videos

  • Cannabis Informational Videos

  • Cannabis Educational Videos

  • Customer Testimonials

  • Cannabis Event Videos

  • Cannabis Live Streaming

  • Cannabis Animation

  • Cannabis Drone Videos


By working collaboratively with clients, our visual artists incorporate brand identity into each piece of content, creating a seamless narrative that resonates with customers on a personal level. Through their lenses, they capture not only a product but also a feeling, a lifestyle, and a community. Their dedication to producing authentic, creative, and compliant content sets The Hood Collective apart, making it the go-to marketing agency for cannabis businesses seeking to tell their stories visually and impactfully.


At the heart of The Hood Collective, our graphic design team is attuned specifically to the unique trends and demands of the Minnesota cannabis market. Although each of our artists and visionaries have their distinctive style and approach, they all understand the essence of Minnesota's cannabis culture and the specific branding needs of businesses within the state.

Our design team understands the power of digital in the Minnesota market. They create striking and engaging social media content, responsive web designs, and dynamic digital advertisements designed to connect with the Minnesota cannabis consumer. The team is adept at tracking and implementing local trends, ensuring that your digital presence not only visually appeals to Minnesotans but also fosters meaningful interaction and connection.

We also acknowledge the significance of print media in the local market. Our team excels at crafting vivid advertisements, product packaging, and marketing materials that echo the spirit of Minnesota and its burgeoning cannabis scene. They strive for visual consistency across all mediums, understanding the critical role this plays in brand recognition and trust, especially in the Minnesota market. Our graphic design team at The Hood Collective ensures your brand stands out, embodying the unique sensibilities of the Minnesota cannabis culture and the values of your consumers.

Our professional graphic designers provide the following graphic design services:

  • Cannabis Branding And Style Guides

  • Cannabis Logo Design

  • Cannabis Packaging Design

  • Cannabis Motion Graphics

  • Cannabis Marketing Swag

  • Cannabis T-Shirt Design

  • Cannabis Poster Design

  • Cannabis Banner Design

  • Cannabis Ad Design

  • Cannabis Business Card Design


The Hood Collective began on the west coast, but we have been working in states that are new to cannabis throughout the United States, including Minnesota. Areas in the state we serve include:


  • Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • Rochester, Minnesota

  • Duluth, Minnesota

  • Bloomington, Minnesota

  • Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

  • Plymouth, Minnesota

  • Maple Grove, Minnesota

  • Woodbury, Minnesota

  • St. Cloud, Minnesota

  • Eagan, Minnesota

  • Eden Prairie, Minnesota

  • Coon Rapids, Minnesota

  • Blaine, Minnesota

  • Burnsville, Minnesota

  • Lakeville, Minnesota

  • Minnetonka, Minnesota

  • Apple Valley, Minnesota

  • Edina, Minnesota

  • St. Louis Park, Minnesota

Don't see your city listed? Don't hesitate to reach out anyway. We're ready and willing to travel anywhere our customers in Minnesota need us.


Venturing into Minnesota's nascent but rapidly expanding cannabis industry calls for partnering with experts who have navigated this journey time and again. The Hood Collective brings this seasoned expertise, honed over years of working in dynamic cannabis markets. We understand the unique nuances of the industry and have the tools to help your brand cultivate its identity, and flourish in this new marketplace. As the state opens up to this exciting industry, there's no room for delay or error - it's time to hit the ground running, and we are poised to make sure you do just that.

Setting your brand apart in these early stages of legalization is paramount. Your branding and marketing need to be in place as soon as possible, to ensure your products are among the first that Minnesotan consumers connect with. Our team at The Hood Collective is ready to partner with you to establish your branding, design compelling visuals, and devise a marketing strategy that not only captivates the local market but also leaves a lasting impression. In this critical phase of the industry's development in Minnesota, we're here to make sure your brand isn't just part of the conversation, but leading it. Let's shape the future of cannabis in Minnesota together.


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