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Cannabis Spotlight: Joy Hudson

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

For our latest cannabis profile, we spoke with Joy Hudson, the founder and CEO of Nimble Distribution, a cannabis distribution company based in Portland, Oregon. We talked about her connection to the Oregon cannabis industry and where she thinks there's room for improvement.

About Joy: Joy is the co-founder of Nimble Distribution, a cannabis distribution company founded on the core principles of doing good for both its clients and those impacted by the War on Drugs. She's also an important thought leader in the legal cannabis industry from both a policy and social justice perspectives. She serves as a board member on the Oregon Retailers of Cannabis Association, in the leadership circle of the Oregon Cannabis Association, and on the OLCC Rules Advisory Committee.

What inspired you to start a cannabis business?

My entry to cannabis was a career/financial decision as I was barely a consumer. But as I learned about the true power of cannabis as a medicine and the injustice surrounding this plant, an advocate was born.

What's special about Oregon's cannabis industry?

Oregon is the Napa Valley of cannabis. Upon national legalization consumers across the country will seek out Oregon grown cannabis for this reason.

What has been the biggest challenge as a cannabis startup founder?

Where do I begin? Haha. I would say capitalization is the overarching challenge. You generally have limited access to funds if you can get them. And if you do get funds, there's likely challenges on where to house that money. Starting is hard.

Where do you think Oregon's cannabis industry is lacking?

I'm passionate about organizing as an industry to work on fair and equitable rules and regulations. Only a small representation of our Oregon industry is involved in our trade organizations. We are so much more effective when we work together.

What advice do you have for people who want to enter the cannabis industry?

Be Nimble! That has been the secret to our staying power.

You can also check out our previous interview we did with Joy back in 2019 at the Cannabis Connex Conference:


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