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As a state that has recently joined the ranks of those legalizing recreational cannabis, Maryland stands at an exciting juncture in the cannabis industry. The journey to legalization, culminating in July 2023, mirrors a broader shift in societal attitudes towards cannabis. Maryland's approach to cannabis, from medical to recreational use, reflects a nuanced understanding of its benefits and challenges. For cannabis businesses in Maryland, this new era brings unique opportunities and the need for a knowledgeable partner in marketing and branding.


The Hood Collective, a digital marketing agency specializing in the cannabis sector, has been at the forefront of cannabis marketing since our inception over four years ago. Originally based in Portland, Oregon, we bring our extensive experience to Maryland, understanding both its unique market and the broader cannabis culture. Maryland cannabis businesses will benefit from our comprehensive services, including graphic design, videography, photography, and drone piloting. Our commitment to excellence in products and customer service ensures that your marketing strategies are effectively implemented, helping your Maryland cannabis business achieve unprecedented growth and visibility.

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Cannabis legalization in Maryland is a story of gradual acceptance and legislative progress. In 2014, Maryland legalized medical cannabis, but it wasn't until July 2023 that the state legalized recreational use. This change reflects a growing understanding and decriminalization effort, starting with medical cannabis and culminating in a comprehensive law allowing adults to possess and use cannabis.


Maryland's legal landscape for cannabis has evolved significantly over the years. Important milestones include the 2014 establishment of the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission, the 2016 decriminalization of paraphernalia, and the landmark 2019 Pacheco v. State ruling limiting police actions based on cannabis odor. The pivotal moment came in 2023, when the Cannabis Reform Act legalized adult use of cannabis, allowing Marylanders over 21 to possess up to 1.5 ounces of cannabis flower, 12 grams of concentrated cannabis, or edible products containing up to 750 mg of THC, and to grow up to two cannabis plants at home.


Maryland, as the 20th state to legalize cannabis, demonstrates a progressive approach to cannabis policy, embracing both its medical and recreational benefits.


Given Maryland's recent legalization of cannabis, the state has established comprehensive rules for the marketing and advertising of legal cannabis businesses, effective as of July 1, 2023. These rules, detailed in Title 36, Subtitle 9 of the Alcoholic Beverages and Cannabis Article of the Maryland Annotated Code, are aimed at promoting responsible advertising practices in the cannabis industry. Key guidelines include:


  • Advertisements cannot contain false, deceptive, or misleading claims, nor can they target individuals under 21 or include content that appeals to minors. This includes avoiding imagery like cartoon characters or animations commonly used to market products to minors.

  • Cannabis-related websites must implement an age-screening mechanism to verify that users are at least 21 years old before they can access content or provide personal information.

  • Social media advertisements are required to include notifications that content is intended only for audiences aged 21 and above.

  • Cannabis licensees must ensure that their branding is not utilized in third-party advertisements that fail to comply with these standards.


Moreover, all cannabis advertisements in Maryland must feature warnings about the effects and risks of cannabis use, similar to those mandated in other states.  These warnings emphasize that:

  • Cannabis has intoxicating effects and may be habit-forming.

  • Consumption of cannabis impairs concentration, coordination, and judgment, advising against operating vehicles or machinery under its influence.

  • There are health risks associated with cannabis use.

  • Cannabis is intended for use only by adults aged twenty-one and older and should be kept out of reach of children.

  • The use of cannabis is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.


In Maryland, just as we do in other regions, we recommend adhering to best practices in cannabis marketing, even when state regulations are more lenient or ambiguous. As cannabis legislation continues to evolve nationwide, anticipating and preparing for future advertising and marketing regulations is key to positioning oneself as a responsible cannabis business owner. Staying informed and compliant with current guidelines ensures effective and responsible operation within the Maryland cannabis market.


In Maryland, a state embracing the burgeoning cannabis market, The Hood Collective stands out for its exceptional team of photographers and videographers. We are fully committed to supporting Maryland's cannabis industry with the highest quality photographic and video content. Our offerings include stunning aerial drone imagery, capturing the unique landscapes of Maryland that set the backdrop for its cannabis products. Our service packages are thoughtfully priced and structured to be accessible to small- and medium-sized businesses, with the flexibility to scale as your success grows. Our team operates with professional-grade camera and lighting equipment, ensuring unparalleled precision in post-production. This commitment guarantees that all your marketing materials, whether digital or print, meet the highest standards of quality.


Cannabis photography services provided by The Hood Collective in Maryland include:

  • Cannabis Product Photography

  • Cannabis Flower (Macro) Photography

  • Cannabis Indoor Facility Photography

  • Cannabis Outdoor Farm Photography

  • Cannabis Team and Staff Portraits

  • Cannabis Special Event Photography

  • Cannabis Aerial Photography

  • Cannabis Hemp and CBD Photography

  • Cannabis Lifestyle Photography


The Hood Collective's dedication to top-tier video production services for the cannabis industry is unwavering. Dive into our work here. We guide our clients through every step of the production process, from the initial concept to final color correction. Our production setup features the best in professional gear, including advanced LED lighting, high-definition cameras, and superior audio recording technology. Additionally, our in-house team of animators and motion graphic artists enable your videos to incorporate cutting-edge graphics and titles, elevating your brand's visual appeal.


Our video production services for the Maryland cannabis industry encompass:

  • Cannabis Promotional Videos

  • Cannabis Educational Videos

  • Cannabis Public Service Announcements

  • Cannabis Review Videos

  • Cannabis-Themed Web Series

  • Customer Testimonial Videos

  • Cannabis Event Videography

  • Cannabis Live Streaming Videography

  • Cannabis Animated Videos

  • Cannabis Aerial Footage


The Hood Collective is at the forefront of providing professional graphic design and branding services tailored specifically for the Maryland cannabis market. With our focused expertise in the industry, we ensure that your company's presentation is not only professional but also distinctive, steering clear of the usual industry clichés and overused motifs. Understanding the distinct characteristics of Maryland's cannabis market is crucial, and that's where our deep-rooted knowledge in both cannabis culture and local Maryland nuances comes into play. Partnering with The Hood Collective means your business will benefit from exceptional graphic design work, enhancing both your print and digital presence, including impactful social media representation.


Our suite of professional graphic design services for Maryland's cannabis businesses encompasses:

  • Cannabis Logo Design

  • Cannabis Brand Development 

  • Cannabis Style Guide Services

  • Cannabis Product Packaging Design

  • Cannabis-Themed Motion Graphics

  • Cannabis 3D Visualization Services 

  • Cannabis Custom Infographics 

  • Cannabis Animated Gifs

  • Cannabis Specialized Web Design Services


With The Hood Collective, Maryland cannabis businesses can expect to receive not just services, but a transformative branding experience, ensuring that your brand not only meets but exceeds the expectations of the ever-evolving Maryland cannabis marketplace. Our commitment to quality and attention to the specific needs of the Maryland cannabis community guarantees that your brand's message resonates clearly and effectively with your target audience.


Rooted in the Pacific Northwest and with a fondness for Maryland's unique charm – a state our founders always relish visiting for its vibrant culture and scenic landscapes – The Hood Collective is deeply connected to the cannabis markets we serve. In Maryland, we are particularly excited to extend our services to a variety of locales, each with its own unique cannabis community and needs. We currently operate in:


  • Baltimore, Maryland

  • Annapolis, Maryland

  • Germantown, Maryland

  • Aberdeen, Maryland

  • Ocean City, Maryland

  • Frederick, Maryland


If your city isn't on the list, there's no need for concern. The Hood Collective is committed to reaching every corner of Maryland. Whether it's traveling to your location or offering remote assistance, we're equipped and ready to meet your cannabis marketing needs wherever you are in the state. Our dedication to the Maryland cannabis market is driven not just by professional commitment, but also by a genuine appreciation for the state's diverse and dynamic character, making every visit and project here a truly enriching experience.


As a supporter of Maryland's evolving cannabis industry, The Hood Collective is committed to fostering lasting partnerships and prioritizing your success. Our deep industry experience enables us to provide unparalleled service and dedication, making us a preferred choice for Maryland cannabis businesses seeking professional marketing services.

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